Apostrophy Designs: Ode to a Belated Easter

Ode to a Belated Easter


These pictures speak for themselves, but we did start to wonder why we were the only ones rolling/throwing [see wind-up above] our Easter eggs down the hill, we weren't a week late or anything!

[I don't have any pictures of Don & I, we are lame]


TamiJenson said...

Why are there no pictures of me? duh!! just kidding.. That blog looks so cute you are awesome.. Hey call me when you get a chance.. luv ya

Leslie said...

You guys are so fun. The egg rolling thing was hilarious- Griswold's rule.

Nick said...

You were the ones that made the big mess on old main hill? for shame!

Tyler said...

Hahaha that made nicks walk home enjoyable

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