Apostrophy Designs: September 2008

RECIPE: Granny Kat's Pumpkin Roll

I think this just might be my favorite recipe right now...tasty-delish!!


[Found HERE, Originally HERE]

Little Red-Headed Jokester...


what do you call a blonde with 2 brain cells?


[Gee, thanks Brack!! Credits: HERE]

A Tad Bit Prudish

Today I am giving away an Orange Leaf Pear Bag over at A Tad Bit Prudish! Sylvia is an amazing and talented blogger full of tips and loves doing giveaways! She is also part of the creative team over at Blissfully Domestic [if you don't subscribe to that feed, you should!]

I am not sure how long the giveaway goes for, but the sooner you get over there and enter, the BETTER!! Thanks Sylvia!

Confession #3: Baby Widgets

Do you know what I find really creepy?

Baby Widgets... ahhahahahahhhhhaaaahhhh!


I was tempted at the beginning of my pregnancy to post one on my blog, you know because I want to fit in and all, but then I realized I am in no way shape or form a fan of Baby Widgets for the following reasons:

-They are in no way accurate, as I put the same info into all of these and they tell me different things.

-It is just a constant reminder of how much longer I have until I meet my baby...if only I could figure out if it's really only 159 days, 166 days
or 171 days? Who knows.

-Did you know there is a baby widget for breastfeeding? Enough said.

-Naked babies spinning around with umbilical cords not only make me dizzy, but the nakedness really creeps me out.

If you think I'm stupid, you probably already have a baby widget on your blog, or if you don't and would like to have one on your blog, please visit HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE.

Just keep in mind I may not visit your blog as often as you'd like...totally kidding thanks to Google Reader!!

[Pictures of Vegas still to come, as soon as I can get my hands on my camera cord.]

I've Been Spooked

I really like Halloween, mostly pumpkins and not so much the scary stuff...so I decided to change my blog up a bit.

For those Google Reader/Bloglines buds stop by and let me know what you think of the new digs!

[Digital Credits: HERE]

The Nose Knows

Before I give you a Vegas Run-down [and boy you won't wanna miss it!]
I have had a lot of people ask me about Adam Don's surgery.

I haven't posted about the ongoings of this because I was waiting for a solution before I put something so personal out there. After a handful of doctors and a couple months later, we have what they think is a viable solution to why Don has been not feeling good.

It all started... about the time we found out I was pregnant, Don called me one day saying he was dizzy and thought he had an allergic reaction. I thought he was having a panic attack about having a baby.

Since then doctors have thought he had things from acid reflux to Horner's Sydrome but they weren't quite sure. Near the end they did an MRI just to rule out more possibilities...from the MRI they found out that he has acute and chronic sinusintitus plus a few other things that would require surgery. Wait until you see the new nose!

They did the surgery and he's healing great! Of course I missed out on all of the roughness, but let me assure you that it was hard not to be here. Just so we are even I booked Don a golfing trip the beginning of March, who needs the Father in the middle of labor anyways?

[Thanks again to everyone for their help this past weekend!]

Leaving Don for Donnie.

I'm leaving Don...[who is having surgery on Friday]

To be with Donnie...[at his concert in Las Vegas]

I'm a terrible wife, I know...but thanks to Nan and Scott for all of their help!!

Another Confession...

Clothes are getting just a little tight [like a tiger] around these parts,
I'm about to break out the Fat Pants...

Start wearin' me some home-made overalls...

[via Mrs Fussypants]

I hear that it's impossible to be unhappy in a Poncho...

[via Cicada Song]

Any other advice on maternity clothing, anyone??? [Seriously?]

Jamakin' Me Happy


3 Things Jamacian' Me Happy::

1::A little girl who loves Tu-tu's enough to wear them to bed!

2::Holding a new born baby, little Avi, and visiting with an old friend [probably longer than I should've!]

3::A new tasty breakfast treat...lots better than a plain old granola bar!

7 Years Ago...

I woke up later than usual and ended up being late to my favorite high school class, AP European History w/ Kath. I have to admit that I had no idea of the events that had and were taking place and that very moment...and even got scolded by the teacher for it. Her exact words were "You guys will remember this day for the rest of your lives, pay attention!" So I did...

And I still remember...

Great story found HERE.

Adventures in [Over Night] Babysitting


I babysat for my sister, Tami, this weekend while her husband rode in LoToJa.

I was really excited to babysits because I thought that this would be a good chance to really hone in on some mothering skills...

Step 1- Let them drink Root Beer.
Step 2- Don't let them nap, ever.
Step 3- Let them run like Wild Indians and get really dirty, so you can watch a baseball game.
Step 4- More Root Beer + Chicken Nuggets.
Step 5- Have a Splashin' Bath Time [ Sorry Bri ]

What did all these steps accomplish? A 9:00pm bed time and they slept until 8:00am...now these are my kind of kids!

Did I mention I am missing the sweet Mini Van I got to drive for a day??

Think it would be terribly weird of me to buy a Mini Van instead of the Mazda we've been eyein'?

Confessions of a Twenty-Something Pregnant Woman

5 ways pregnancy is ruining my street cred.

1- I really, really enjoy the Jonas Brothers'. That's right Becca, send me one of your posters NOW...I turn their music up really loud as I drive around (only when I hear it on the radio, of course!)

2- I go to bed before 10:00, every night.

3- I got vaclempt while watching the Sound of Music. Those singing Von Trapp's...

4- I am NO longer the cool Aunt because I can't play cheerleader or do flips.
*The torch however, has been passed to Rachel, whom I feel with a little bit of cheerleading know-how, will do just fine.

5- I reeeally enjoy Rootbeer, this is NOT a bad thing...so if you are feeling generous and know where I live, would you bring some by??

[This is all in joking humor to let you know things are really going great!! P.S. if anyone out there has any good music suggestions please send them my way or make me a CD and bring it along with the Rootbeer, ok?]
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