Apostrophy Designs: November 2009


I broke my blog...

For this I am sorry...

I am not planning on fixing it anytime soon...

So sorry again...

If your blog isn't showing up on the sidebar [and your positive we are friends] let me know...

[Sorry Sals! Fixed yours, we are still family.]

Hope we can still be friends and you will keep reading my rants...


Oh So, So Much

To be thankful for!

I was going to post something everyday last week but got busy spending time with family and neglected the Internet.

We ate not one, but two thanksgiving dinners ... Bergs even experienced some delcious table food for the first time.

Here's a few pictures from our Turkey Day...

Fun times were had by all!

On Friday we went black Friday shopping and the experience was average...not as good as last years!

Lastly, we capped our weekend off with my birthday...

I don't have any pictures from the celebrations but I must admit that I was spoiled in song, with presents, and love!

I really enjoyed the big 2 - 4 because it was the year I became a mom, but I am excited also for the even bigger 2 - 5 because T-Rizz is going to be a dad!!

**Don't you love this picture? Remember last years and how we reenacted it? I think we may need to try it again this year, I'll keep you posted.

Thankful For: RELIGION

Thankful For: FAMILY

Nine Months

Nine months has gone by faster than nine months of being pregnant!

I don't know her stats because I had to move her doctors appointment to later in December.

My Bugs is my toothless wonder, a big talker, sure is silly-silly, an almost crawly, just a little lovebug...

Have I said lately how much I love her?

Watch my baby grow HERE.

30th Bday [Revisited]

Things Bergen enjoyed about her dad's 30th birthday celebration:

-Balloons (sorry no pictures)

- Wrapping Paper & Boxes

-Aggie Dress & Game


-Lots of LOUD Singing

- Cake, she had just a taste of frosting

-And overall, spending the day(s) with dad

Let's do it all again in a couple of weeks, but for mom and oh, we'll rearrange the numbers around or something like that!

Today is a Special Day...

and I love all 30 YEARS of him!

Happy Birthday Adam Don!

True Blue

Last Saturday I prepared Bergs for the Aggie game and hurried off to Souper Saturday.

Meanwhile, Don ran some errands with Bergs in tow and had many people ask him about our sweet little 'boy'.

There is something about wearing blue and lack of bows (you know she's at that age), it leaves people thinking my sweet little Bugs is in fact a boy.

Since then, the gears have been turning over a solution and this is what I came up with...

An old Aggie shirt circa last year...

Folded in half and hemmed to make the skirt.

I got a little frustrated in the end with figuring out how to do the top part?

Plus Bergs is not a cooperative model, probably won't be in the future either...

So I cute off the top of a white shirt I had, which has a touch of pink on it!

[You've seen that trick before, no?]

S-C-O-R-E! Now we can support those Ags and still be feminine.

[Didn't quite turn out how I pictured but it's not a bad hour-start-to-finish project]

I'll post a picture of Bergs in it when we head south for the game on Friday and also to celebrate a pretty B-I-G milestone for Donnie.

For the flower I got the idea from a class we had at our enrichment, I was stoked to find some netting in my scraps basket, thanks Delia you are a true talent and made my night!

I'm So Serious, So-oo-ho-oo Serious


We are a family of SERIOUS nature.

So it would only be natural for me to SERIOUSLY love our family pictures.

I'd wish you could be SERIOUS too and check them out HERE.

We like to have fun too, which is what we did when we weren't being SERIOUS.

Breath Again

I just finished a Super Souper Saturday yesterday and boy does it feel good to breath again.

If I had any free time this last week I mostly spent it panicking...which was time wasted because everything went so well.

I also need to mention I had loads and loads of help from people on every angle.

I am just really excited to get back to THIS...


and THIS...

Costuma Palooza 2009

Cheerleader Outfit

Lovely Little Lady Bug

Busy Little Bee

I helped make these costumes and had a lot of fun making them.

Can't wait to make some more again next year!

[Lotsa] Halloween Pictures

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