Apostrophy Designs: August 2011

Ca$h Money

I have been staying up late working on projects as long as I can remember and to date, this has by far been my favorite late night project...

We stayed up late putting together this awesome tattoo for Adam's work party, where they committed him to sitting on the dunk tank.

{It's also been a running joke that he had a huge dollar sign tattoo on his back, we used this temporaty tattoo solution + contact paper}


Is it possible that after six years of marriage, this guy still surprises me??

So Long Sweet Summer

I found these pictures the other night and they kinda sorta broke my heart because Summer is over.

The pregnant me is thankful because the heat is deadly, but I love the long Summer days and I will miss my kids!

Bergen is currently my only child but I babysit {in the Summer} 10-12 kids, and so today that number has dwindled and I'm a bit BORED.

But maybe, just maybe, I can get caught up on some projects and share some fun baby tutorials I am working on.

But first I need a snow cone, because you know, they won't be around much longer and I've had about 500 of those this Summer.

The Maternity Pumpkin

Don't know if you have anything fun planned this weekend, but we have been gearing up for one heck of a Garage Sale.

I mean just look at the gem I found...

Who knew this lovely pumpkin costume would also double as Maternity??

Too bad I'll have {hopefully} this baby by then...plus, I'm not gonna lie it was kinda hard to get off.

Have a ginormous-ly fun filled weekend!

The Cover

As part of my nesting, aka mad dash to get things done before Baby CHICKA comes, I made a carseat cover.

I know these aren't NEW TO THE SCENE...I just didn't get around to finishing Bergen's cover until the time she could reach up and grab it...the sure sign that she didn't really need one anymore.

So as proof to getting things done in an orderly fashion this time around I wanted to show off my finished product...

Plus I really looove the fabric!!!

I made the cover using a yard of two fabrics and sewing them together {36" x 42"} with rounded corners.
I really loved this stripey ribbon I had laying around and so I sewed to strips (18") long midway to tie the cover onto the seat.

Seems like I've been wondering where time has gone a lot lately, just look at Bergen at 1 month compared to now at about 2 1/2 yr.

P.S. She hasn't left the car seat alone since I got it out to wash it...anyone else thinking I'm gonna have my hands FULL???!!!

{P.S. Ignore the mismatch PJ's, this pregnant lady is behind on her laundry....don't judge.}

Guest Posting Over @ See Kate Sew

It's been Pleat Weeks over at See Kate Sew and I'm excited to share with you my Pleated Project.

{I saw on Pinterest and couldn't remember where I found it...but thanks to a reader I found out it's from West Elm...!!}

Here's a sneak peek...

The Closet

Sorry for the lack of tutorials and blogging in general...

We are busily preparing for baby #2 and I'm proud to show off one of our biggest accomplishments...


Since we live in a very cozy 2 bedroom house, it has been noted that our girls will share a room. This will leave no room for a dresser. Boo, so so many clothes.

So my handy Donnie built shelves to hopefully help fix the dilemma of where to put all of our the girl stuff, x2.

I will admit I am so excited with out it has turned out {and functioned} thus far! 

I COULD NOT HAVE done it without the help of my talented and very organized sister in law, who found all the bins and basically organized everything.

**The vinyl labels say "Toys" on the blueish bins and "Bergen" on the white ones for her clothes, baby #2 will get her name on the other 6 bins once it has be determined!**

{P.S. The cute Creer Family could use a few prayers and good vibes their way}

To be continued...

Craft Lake City 2011

Craft Lake City came and went and I had a fabulous time with my sister-in-law, Ashley!! It's always a blast to have such good company (especially someone who shares my love of snowcones).

This was one of the few shows I've done outside of my happy little valley and it was fun to run into some old friends as well as make some new ones.

I think if they'll have me, there's a good chance I'll be back again next year...

We, We So Excited

I am out of town for a work conference and I miss my Don and Bergs...apparently I'm not used to getting a good nights sleep if I'm not woken up by a toddler once or twice!

Anyways I have some other exciting events coming up to share...

I am really excited to be apart of Craft Lake City...there are so many crafters there that I look up to, so it will be fun to see (and if I'm brave enought MEET) some of them!!

Plus I am sharing a booth with my cute SIL, Ash...so what more could I want?

Do you remember the talented and Oh, so lovely Kate over at See Kate Sew? I swooned over her ruffle weeks and I am stoked to be apart of her Pleat Weeks.

Catch me over there near the end of August (per usual I will keep you posted on when it happens)...

And lastly, one last horray before the baby...I will be apart of Oh Sweet Sadie the first of Sepetember...

Again, I am in awe and so excited to be among such talented crafters.

Another one of my cute SIL's, Jill will be there too! Yah for crafty family members!

Once I have completed ALL OF THE ABOVE I will have a baby...ha ha, wishful thinking! :)

SYTYC Upcycle - Pinkalicious Chandelier {TUTORIAL}

{I am finally getting around to posting this due to the troubling time I had and my reason for leaving SYTYC...but here it is a few months later! :)}

 I typically love sewing projects and found myself stumped for the Upcycled Challenge, so I decided to come up with a craft for my sewing table.

I took a drab, old, and dingy flower basket and turned it into a Pinkalicious Chandelier!

 Not only did this turn out to be stunning and elegant, it is actually functional!

Can't wait to start sewing up some PRETTY things to match my new lighting fixture!


I bought about 10 bags of mardi gras beads from the dollars store. I used some floral wire I had on hand to wire the beads to the hanging basket holder in three places.

I attached the top level first and then the second before hanging it from the ceiling to attach the underneath.

After that I spray painted it like crazy. I have to admit this was the challenging part because I thought I was done and then a hint of gold or silver would appear.
Be patient, paint lots.

Overall I really love the chandelier and how perfectly it fits in with my cute [super} little sewing space!

Read more about my SYTYC Projects HERE.
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