Apostrophy Designs: March 2009

Put A Smile on Your Face

I've smiled...

...twice at my Dad

...at mom's friend Kami

...today at my Aunt Tami

So come and visit me and I will smile at you*.

*As long as you're not my Mom.

Watching... Waiting...

One of my favorite things about Don when we first got married was his singing in the shower...

Or just singing in general.

That stopped after we bought our house.

Things have been a changin' lately.

Some for the good. Some for the bad.

But I am excited to say the days of Pearl Jam are back.

Bergen is a fan.

So am I.

Happy Are We!

Parenting suits us, don'tcha think?

**This was actually a shoulder rub gone awry.

Baby Steps

[photo by AshTab]

This last month has been a blur.

When they tell you that you are going to be in survival mode there's no way to understand until you experienced it yourself.

I'm totally ready for my cameo on Survivor.

I hear that you easily forget this part of being a parent, allowing for multiple children to be born.

I have already forgotten what it was like to be pregnant.

I have not only forgotten labor but the after birth trials.

I have forgotten life before being a parent...

This is THE life.

Some days ARE harder than others but we've been taking baby steps and enjoying every minute of it!

So in honor of our ONE month milestone, we might be spending the day in our PJ's.

NO VISITORS please. Just in case!

She's Out There, Jerry

From Sqwaking Phoenix to Kramer, she's out there, Jerry.

Just My Luck

I tried to be a crafty mom and make a special outfit for today's occasion.

I failed.

It's ok we still had a good St. Patty's Day!

Did you?

Squawking Phoenix

Here are some more pictures of our little Squawking Phoenix...

Taken by her Aunt AshTab...

The first one is HILARIOUS.

The last one is my FAVORITE.

I just LOVE her.

Splish Splash

Bergen's first bath...

She lost her umbilical cord on Wed, but I had to wait for a helper [thanks Tif] 
to show me how to bath a baby...

How is it that you get more instruction on how to drive a car than you do on raising children?

America's Next Top [Baby] Model

I had to try to redeem myself after the picture in my last post. I feel I should note that my little Bug was starving and YES all I wanted to do was take pictures...
I'm kinda mean that way, aren't I?

All that being said Bergen does not really like having her pictures taken, which is why I have been so hesitant to get some pictures taken.

Well today I went against all odds of fussy-ness and had a mini-shoot with Ashley of Ashley Mae Photography

The pictures are awesome and Ashley was really patient with us, as I had to calm Bergen down between picutres!! You can go to her blog to see more from the mini-shoot.

[This one just happens to be my favorite.]

March Madness

We are still here.

Some happier than others.

But we are surviving!
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