Apostrophy Designs: September 2010

Apostrophy Designs @ Hollyhock Boutique (West Pointe, UT)

 Catch Apostrophy Designs at the Hollyhock Boutique tomorrow through Saturday.

The Boutique is located in West Pointe, Utah (Ogdenish area) and has loads of cute stuff from jeans to ties for your little guy!

Check out some of the new bracelets, hopefully more to come as I make more and more!

Them Bones, Them Bones

I bought these cute PJ's for Bergs last weekend and I think they are flat out hilarious!

My sister Tif said she wants some in her size, and I AGREE...

I think the best part about them is they glow in the dark, something we didn't find out until we tried to put Bergs to bed.

Sure love me some Skeleton Jams!

(from Gap Kids Outlet)

Oh Boy...

Thanks for the love everyone, funny how I can turn the comments off and yet people find me through text messages and fb.

I didn't want to leave that last post at the top of the page, because I'm mostly not like that, I swear! 

And I don't want to scare anyone off... 

So I will meet you in the middle and post this cute picture of Bergs wearing a dress I made out of my old shirt.

I used this tutorial from Dana at MADE (Love, love, love her stuff).

Also while you are there today check out the brilliant tutorial from Delia Creates, I know on a personal basis of the true talent this gal is!

P.S. I have some really good news coming up, just didn't seem fitting to share it this week so we'll try again next.


I really feel like I am under it lately.

I can't explain it just now, but it's coming on all sides.

It started early this week and I remember thinking it's ONLY Monday, and here we are over the HUMP and yet it is still only WEDNESDAY.

I am thinking CAN'T wait for OCTOBER...Halloween candy has magically powers you know?!

I must admit there are plenty of aspects of my current life that I would love to share for posterity sake, but I can't just yet, not here.

In fact a couple of neighbors have been asking questions about personal life and while I generally talk about it just fine, I feel like they see and treat me as a person with a sad life.

My life is not a sad one.

I am not a sad person (other than right now).


Lately Bergs eats cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner!

And the other night I did the one thing I swore I would never do...

 I let her eat cereal right out of the box while watching TV...

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Well that and she was being really cute!

 Who needs the box after all?

 My favorite face of hers as of late...

Sure do love her...

Coming up soon some cute stuff I've made to cloth that cute Bergs of mine!

Halloween-y Pillow Covers & Tutorial

I have been feeling the sewing twitch lately.

So I whipped me out some Halloween-y Pillows!

You may remember that I have a special place in my heart for pillow covers.

I FLAT-OUT love them!

Here's my take on how to make your own Halloween-y Covers...

1. Measure your pillow - mine are 18", keep this in mind as you cut and pin your cover (I bought my cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby and had them cut it 20")

2. Cut your fabric to be 18" wide EXACTLY, this will give you a long rectangle roughly 44" x 18" (When you make pillow covers you aim to make your pillow a 1/2" smaller on all sides, this will allow the pillow to pucker or fill the whole fabric. NO ONE LIKES A SAGGY PILLOW!)

3. Depending on your fabric you can hem the ends of the pillows or leave them be (sewer's choice!) I tend to hem them by rolling them once.

4. Find the middle of your pillow and mark the ends of your measurements with pins - my pillow was 18" but because these sides are not sewn I marked my ends at 17 1/2"

5. Fold one side over along the pillow edge and pin top and bottom (don't mind me cute assistant's boots!)

6. Fold other side over and pin across top and bottoms

7. Sew across the top and bottom with 1/4" seam allowance and trim corners, flip inside out and...

And your done! Wahoo!

Oh wait...

Well you see I went to the fabulous and crazy Swiss Days with my sister-in-law and we saw these cute numbered pillows, but by the time we had found them I had run out of money and patience (we had the hardest time finding them!)

But my SIL, being the vinyl queen she is, said that we could easily make them.

So since Labor day I have had this particular pillow in my mind, I had originally bought tan-ish fabric to make the cover but then when I was at Jo-Ann's the other night in their bargain bin they had this awesome black JUTE.

I quickly got excited and didn't waste anytime painting my 31 onto the JUTE with white/sparkle/glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.

And then after it dried, I made my pillow much like the one above only I top stitched the JUTE and frayed it to give it a fun texture.

Now if I could get the rest of the decorations out we'd be set!

Aggie Football Game, Home Opener

We went to the Aggie home opener football game last night...

This little lady had a blast...

Did I mention it gets pretty cold here as of late?

Thank goodness for this cute owl hat I picked up at the Farmer's Market...

Don't fret, the adorable Candace also sells them on etsy too!

There was soo much excitement Bergs fell asleep before we even got home...

We practically got her pajamas on her before she woke up! ha ha, it was a good day!

Tip Junkie's Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy Guide

I am excited to announce that Apostrophy Designs got to be apart of Tip Junkie's Mom-preneur Blog & Etsy guide!

A few of my thoughts about having and maintaining an etsy and a blog have been published alongside some other amazing mom-preneurs!

When Laurie sent out this amazing book for us to proof read I was amazed at the knowledge and amazing experience some of the Mom-preneur's had to share.

I say it's worth a definete read if you are looking to get into the etsy / blogging world.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can do so by clicking the link below (or click here to read more about it from Laurie of Tip Junkie)

Up To No Good...

Our Labor Day weekend has been more mild than most, Donnie has just all but finished painting our house.

I think that's something I haven't talked on here, but that is one of many projects our homestead has endured/survived this Summer.

I am thankful for a husband who is "handy" but I am more thankful when the projects are over because Bergs and I get him back for the evenings.

Except on golfing nights, but we won't go into that now ;)

Back to today, we had a Griswold Family Birthday Party, along with some family pictures...

Here are some snippets my sista took, more of out-takes if you will (that's not even half the crew)...

Remember this?

I'm usually a pessimist when it comes to pictures that involved myself, but I have a feeling about these ones!

They were taken by the lovely a & g photography, I will keep you posted when I get the finals...

Proof of Summer

Just some pictures that my sister Sals  took and now I have proof that Summer really happened...

(even if it went by quicker than I am willing to admit)

Double Vision

 This Fall weather is giving me DOUBLE VISION...

I'm not ready for Fall/Winter to take over, I feel like we just barely got Summer here!

Oh well if you can beat them, join them?!

I whipped out a bunch of double Zipper Flower Headbands in my new fall colors the other night...

What do you think, which one is your favorite?

They might be making their way to the shop soon...well I sold most of them already...

So I guess I will have to whip some more up!

Also I made some of theses Peanut Butter Pretzels dipped in chocolate last night....

Let's just say I might need to whip up some more of these too! They were so simple and waaay delcious for the peanut butter lover in me!

(Did I mention these are almost gone too? ha ha!)

{Recipe Here}

D to the I to the V to the A

This little woman loves pants, shoes and necklaces...

Accessorizing at such a young age, don't know who she would get that from...

Sure do love that little Bug of mine!
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