Apostrophy Designs: April 2010

Mister Sun, Sun. Mister Golden Sun...

Please shine down on me!

(and bring summer too, won'tcha?)

Penelope + Fiona Zipper Headbands

I have two new  Zipper Headbands available today in my shop.

Meet the "new girls" in town:

Grady McBABY!

If I had a camera I would've posted this sooner but I have the most adorable, new, little, tiny baby nephew!

My sister and I teamed up one afternoon to play "Kiddie Kandids" and take some pictures...

Out of ALL the pictures we took, I found two that are only blog worthy!

Thank goodness they called in the professional so that they could capture his pure sweetness, check Ash's blog soon for his BIG debut.

We sure love our Grady McBABY!

@ the Meadows Market

Sneaky peaky of the things I am going to be selling at the Meadows Market this Saturday here in Logan!

The boutique goes from Noon-7:00pm and is at the Dance Illusions Studio on Main Street next to the Logo Shop.

For more information visit here or send me a note, see ya there!

Things That Make Ya Go :)

Making me smile for 14 WHOLE months, especially on the days I need it most...

Love ya BUGS!

(This picture is an oldie but a goodie. obviously.)

Off to the Races...

Things have been busy around these parts, I have been prepping for a boutique.

I often feel like I am a cranky, not so fun person to be around the week or so before one happens.

I try to get in some family time along with the late hours I spend working on things...

Things may be crazy, but honestly I love it!

I am not out to become the next big "thang" by any means...

Basically I am humbled because not only do I get to do something that gives me a creative outlet, but people are actually loving it to!

So if you are someone, anyone who has supported me in anyway I just wanted to say...


And I'll try not too be grouchy if we ever meet in person, even if I am not getting much sleep.

***P.S. CONGRATS Megan on guessing right that I was watching Biggest Loser...I know you asked me about a ring awhile back so let me know the color you would love and it's yours!

Featured on SimplyUT.com

The wonderful women of Simply Utah have featured the Apostrophy Shop today!

Have you seen this cute website?

They feature fun blogs and cute, cute shops daily.

If you are in a rut or just feel like shopping, check out Simply Utah to find some really cute stuff.

Check it out today
and find out a special deal I have going on for the next week...


Thanks again Simply Utah!!


There is a creepy image on the TV screen below...the first person to guess what TV show it is from will win a prize among prizes.....

See ya!

"Hi Dad"

It's me, Bergs, you are gone playing basketball and Mom is making me take pictures again...

I guess I really do enjoy it, and even try to give mom kisses on the screen...

I was so good tonight she cloned me...and listed the clone in her shop...
(or some other new things soon!)

...any takers?


Sidenote: posts are going to be creative, I am still camera-less...but I am trying out a camera I borrowed from my SIL but I can't figure out how to get them on my computer?!...plus life is busy (I'll post about fun part of things soon) and the weather is crappy (which gives me zits) --all bad combinations!


There are days as a parent when your child learns something and you just feel so accomplished...

Like when they learn how to dip fries....

And when they drink out of straws...

All, in the same day.

I am REALLY outdoing myself lately!


I sold my old point and shoot camera which is one of the reasons I haven't posted.

Let's be honest, the only reason you read is the eye candy.

Me too.

I listed my camera a few months ago and had my eye on a certain camera that was for sale at the time. Two months later it finally sold and I had honestly give up hopes of a new one...

Anyone have any good suggestions for a new camera?

I am in no way wanting to be a full-fledged mom-photographer but I would love a camera that can catch Bergs in motion.

In the meantime I am dying because my baby gets cuter everyday and is constantly learning new things and I have this need to capture everything.

Words will have to do for now.

Here are my favorite Bergen moments...

-Saying Grandma, Grandpa, Bella and Go!...
-Being shy and shoulder shrugging
-Popping Bubbles on iPhones, even if they don't have the App
-Piggytails and crazy hair
-Giving kisses
-Crazy smiles with teeth coming in every which way

Oh boy, I love her!

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