Apostrophy Designs: Ooh-La-La-La-La!!


I have been meaning to post a picture of the bag I received from the Tote Swap, but my camera has been MIA since the wedding... so I stole a picture from Dallas' blog to post here! I love it and it's very fun, can't wait to use it!


**Nails are doing ok, I have found out gum REALLY helps! Thanks for all the tips...


Dallas said...

Thanks. I had a great time swapping. I've been using your tote and got a couple compliments on it already.

I keep meaning to ask you about the photos you post on your blog. I love the scrapbooking style - do you just have a collection of graphics that you use to layer with or is there an easier way that you decorate them? They're really a cute style.

Leslie said...

I am addicted to gum! Seriously.. I go through almost a pack day... so be careful!!! :)

P.s. That bag is super cute. I saw a lot of that color and style at "project" so she is ahead of her time!

jill d said...

Super cute bag, love it. You are a lucky girl.

kelly said...

so cute! and i love your scrapbooking... very cute. i'm so jealous of any one with graphics talents!

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