Apostrophy Designs: December 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I can officially say I am SAD to see this year end. 

It came and went TOO quickly.

I still have ALL of my Christmas stuff out. Lights. Tree. Everything Jingly.

I have NO resolutions as of yet. 

So I have decided to extend this year an EXTRA week and will be sharing some pictures of my favorite events of 2008 starting Monday.

5 days, 5 events, people...

And then MAYBE I can get around to those darn resolutions.

Until then I leave with you the CHRISTMAS BEARD.

Conceived sometime before Christmas [December 21st?]

Time of Death 8:00 a.m. December 31, 2008.

How I loved thee, CHRISTMAS BEARD.

Rest in Peace.

Adam called me a "weirdy beardy"...a common saying around these parts.

Pun definitely intended.

[Happy NEW Year!!]

A Brown Papered Package Tied Up With String


Right before Christmas I received an awesome little package from a newly acquired blogging bud, Miss Anne. I had recently won one of her beautiful creations on a blog and through e-mailing we decided to upgrade my win and in return I would make her a custom Apostrophy Market Bag.
[I think I got the better end out of the deal, isn't the canvas just amazing? It will be for Pamela's nursery, as soon as we get around to putting it together!!]Photobucket
Thanks again Miss Anne! You should definitely check out her stuff, she is one talented lady!

In A City, A Mile High



Lost and Now Found

I've disappeared. I would like to think that I have a good reason besides the Holidays for not posting, but I don't.

I've just been playing Tetris, what else is a girl with her own new computer supposed to do??

It's terrible I know...but I'm posting now.

Anyways some of my friends from High School got together at the Kohler's awhile ago, I almost did not go because Don was sick...but I was really glad I did! Here are some fun pictures from the party...

[the following are NOT beautified due to my new found love of Tetris]

Oh, How The Year Has Gone By

Last year I was making new friends in New York...

Tomorrow we are going to visit some old friends in Denver....

Be back next week with some Holiday pictures!

With Love, From Us To You

We didn't get around to sending out Christmas cards this year...but if we did they would have looked a little something like this....

[& Happy Holidays!]

Seriously, O So Seriously...

Still looking for a gift for the special someone in your life??

Look no further...

Snuggie "The Blanket With Sleeves!"

[I seriously kinda want one, sorry Johnny [my plush body pillow]...
I sure hope Santa is still reading!]

Best Weekend Ever!


This past weekend we:

-attended a blessing/baptism
-witnessed the upsetting Aggie Game
-ate A LOT of good meals
-spent a good chunk of money at IKEA
-attended the Christmas Devotional
-walked through Temple square

All to be ruined by:

-waking up to snow! totally kidding.

This weekend was a lot of fun, I am really sad to see it end.

[Thanks to Nan & Scott for fun time!]

You're Invited

I will be selling Market Bags and Topsy Turvy Dolls...plus come and see what other fun things others will be selling!

[Thanks again, Ashley!]

Let's hear it for the Girl[s]...

Ok the winner[s] of my giveaway...

Jill ... Candy
Stacy ... Handmade thing
Everyone else ... Signed photos of me [totally kidding on this one]

I was going to post this on Friday but got side-tracked, interesting how that happens... anyways I have lots to post but I just wanted to let you know two things...

1) I am taking my shop down and going to re-open in on Friday with lots of new fun stuff! 

2) I am going to post a REAL belly picture and show you what Stacy won...


[Thanks again to everyone for participating in my poll or leaving me a comment!!]

Dear Santa, Hey Santa!

I would like these...

Just as much as these...



Baby Pam Andersen

[P.S. Has anyone ever tried either of these? I really might buy some.]

I already bought some of these...

Stretch Arm-Strong the Belly Chronicles

Lately I have been feeling really stretched to the max, I am sure it is a pregnant thing...

So I decided it was probably as good of time as ever to finally show you [mostly those I haven't seen in awhile] just how pregnant I really am...

Fully Body Shot

Pure Bellicious Shot

[Found HERE]

I more or less feel/look something like that...

If anyone knows where I can find that barbie, I know a couple of little girls that would love it! [And one BIG one too!]

And in honor of all things trashy, here's a picture I took on Black Friday...

Arms tired? Cart full? Don't worry just throw your kids on top!

You'll find it only at Wal-mart.

A Letter To An Editor

Dear You [Furniture Store],

I am writing this letter to let you know just how much fun I had buying our new refrigerator. 

I enjoy making new friends and didn't realize you knew how much I love to play games, starting out with Hide n' Seek [bringing the wrong refrigerator] was a great way to start out our new relationship. 

Don't worry I love all types of games so the fun doesn't have to stop there, I can play Phone Tag with your sales associate, the Name Game with your appliance manager, and then Chutes and Ladders with your delivery team.

I also understand that friends like to send each other little notes now and again, but I was surprised to receive a note asking for a payment 2 weeks before we even received our refrigerator.

I was shocked to hear that I am not the only friend you have treated this way...so I am going to tell all my friends, just in case they don't enjoy games as much as I do, or enjoy receiving little notes now and again, TO AVOID YOU at all costs.

I hope we can still be friends, you know in case I need to order something from you that I CANNOT get anywhere else in the valley [like my refrigerator].

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