Apostrophy Designs: February 2009

ONE Week Ago...

- I was fully rested

- I had high blood pressure

- I waited around all day to go "up" to the hospital
(finally went up around 5:00 pm)

- I received my epidural 
(while watching Friday Night Lights)

- Continued to hang out at the hospital
(watching everything from the news to David Letterman)

-Gave birth to the most beautiful little Bug
(around 11:39ish)

Isn't it amazing how ONE WEEK can change your life? 

I'm not complaining one bit!

Danku, Tak, Merci, Mahalo

Thank you, thank you for all of your great comments and well wishes! 

Things are going great, so great in fact our little diva has already requested that she get her FIRST tan...I'm such a push-over...

And in case you haven't had enough of her [we can't seem to get enough] here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

[Bottom pictures by AshTab]

The Time Has Come

Our little Bergen Jo was...

She has lots of dark hair...

And is the STAR of our family...

We are all doing GREAT! More to come later...

Word To Your Mother

I feel I should clarify my last post.

The last couple times I've gone into the doctor I've had high blood pressure. When I went in on Wed they sent me to do the non-stress test to make sure Pamela was doing ok and we passed!

However, my doctor still does not like that I have high blood pressure. So I am supposed to go back in tomorrow morning and if my blood pressure is still high they will start me and Pamela will be born sometime this weekend!

SELFISHLY - I would love to continue having high blood pressure so I can go ahead with the birthing and be comfortable again...

NON-SELFISHLY - I understand that going into labor naturally would be best for the both of us...

Either way it appears Don & my Mother have joined forces and demanded that in case tomorrow is our day that I take some MORE pregnancy pictures. [Without stains and all that other hoop-la]

I must admit that I hate plastering myself all over the interweb and this very well may push my blood pressure over the edge as soon as I click publish...

Just keep your judgements to a minimum.

So Put Your Hand Up

Had a bit of a false alarm today that required both Pamela and I to have some tests done and be monitored for awhile. 

Have no fear, everything looks really good! 

The doctor said again that he still wants to see her born sooner than later.

And I sure hope I don't have to wait too much longer to meet our sweet Pammy!

"Sooo Like...

...this means we are going to have a new Aunt, right?"


Last FRIDAY THE 13th my brother, the NINJA, proposed.

As you can imagine the grandkids were all TOO eager to help in anyway they could, the only tricky part was keeping them contained and quiet while Les was on her mini-scavenger hunt around town.

I DO have to admit that their conversations were hilarious...

We are pretty excited. CONGRATS YOU TWO!

SHIRTS READ: "Will you marry my Uncle Tyler?"

We decided to give T-shirts a go after THESE were such a hit at the Ninja's missionary airport arrival...

SHIRTS READ: "I waited for my Missionary!"

***My only RECOMMENDATION with the shirts is to not go with the cheap brand [Avery, I think] of transfer from Wal-Mart, as the Ninja's face was falling off of the proposal shirts before the proposal.

For the airport shirts, I used the brand from Jo-Anns...much better to work with and two years later some of the shirts still look new!

Go Ahead and Pay It Forward

I am still here.

No baby yet.

Have NO FEAR, I will keep you posted.

I did however, received this little gem in the mail last week from my friend Katie.

She did a thing awhile back on her blog about a little thing called Pay It Forward. And since I was one of the first three to comment on her blog, she made me this cute bracelet for Pammy [she also sent me a delicious pretzel, but let's be honest I wasn't going to wait all that long to take a picture before I ate it, she also sells her cute jewelry HERE]

And because I was the recipient of such fine gifts, I have decided to Pay It Forward...the FIRST THREE people to leave a comment on this post will be the recipient of a fun gift from me.  

All you have to do is promise to do the same once you receive my lovely gifts, hopefully it'll be sooner than later!

[More rules HERE]

What are you waiting for? Leave a comment and get ready to received something sweet!

B is for Baby Pamela?

Or is it for BIRTH?

Apparently I spoke to soon, my doctor decided today that he would like to see Pamela born sooner than later...so I'm thinking everyone that guessed March dates might want to think again, as actions were taken today to quicken up the BIRTHING process.

**As always there is a possibility things might not happen soon, but I will forgive anyone who guessed March dates if they want to go back and guess a February date.

Lastly the Don got mad at me on Sunday for not taking any full-body pictures...

So please excuse the bed head...

The stain on my shirt...

And the crazy camera angle...

37 weeks, we have arrived!

Help, I Need Somebody

So I've put together this cute blanket for Pamela and I've tried my hardest to bind the thing [3 times to be exact] and nothing has really worked.

I am at my wits-end, people.

Anyone out there know a good tutorial, be willing to mentor me, or want to finish the binding for me??

[You can even still see my latest/failed attempt in the photo, boo!]

Where The Sagebrush Grows

My love of the game goes way back to the days when I played...

I never mentioned looking good while while playing...but I loved it, and I still love watching it. 

Going to Aggie basketball games has always been something that Don and I enjoy doing together, even before we were married.

So you can only imagine how excited we both are now that we know Pamela enjoys the game as well. 

How do I know this?

Because Pamela mastered the Scotsman at the game last night and we have been working on it all season.

[Sorry the video is not the best, if you are unfamiliar with the Scotsman it basically looks like the crowd is milking a cow.]

I'm really going to miss going to the games and having my belly go crazy with all the noise, there really isn't a feeling quite like it. 

However, if she did come anytime soon I don't think I'll complain one bit.

Baby Got Back CONTEST

Let's go ahead and guess how big Pamela will be when she is born and ready for her car seat, hopefully she is already bigger than Olympic Mascot Bunny. 

While we are at it, let's guess what day and time of that day she will be born.

**Winner will receive a prize depending on their gender and willingness to receive a prize.



-I started going in for my weekly visits today, I am progressed more than the average person at 36 weeks, but my doctor assured me that this does not necessarily mean Pamela will come early.


-WEIGHT I GAINED DURING PREGNANCY --- Umm NGH (not going to happen, people)

-Last Friday I was informed that Pamela could be verging on 8 1/2 lbs if carried to full term, however that came from a stand-in doctor.

-When BORN I weight 4 lbs 11 oz, DON weighed 9ish lbs.


Let's Go Outback Tonight

Don't know about your Super Bowl experience but mine went a little something like this: we ate lots of food, laughed about pregnancy stuff, ate more food, discussed REAL names for Pam, ate cookies and then made hair bows for Pam.

[All done while wishing I was in my sweat pants, you know so I could eat more food...thank goodness for Sals who brought the Fiesta dip to replace my imitation Taco Dip, my pregnant belly was very thankful]

Who won again?
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