Apostrophy Designs: May 2008

Apostrophy Designs

Apparently I couldn't wait until Friday, I'll spill the beans...I have decided to put my sewing machine to good work and have opened an etsy shop(http://www.apostrophy.etsy.com/). I got such an awesome response from the bag I made for the bag swap I did awhile ago, that I decided I would try making a few to sell.

**Have to thank my awesome sister-in-law AshTab for helping me take the awesome pictures!

So right now I am basically making two styles of bags... appliqued purses/totes & then fabric grocery bags, here are some pictures of each:



Ok, now for the giveaway... I NEED input, it doesn't matter if you know me or not, so I will give away the Owl Tote below to ONE person...
if you visit my esty shop and:
-tell me what you like (or what you don't)
-what you'd like to see in the future
and please leave a comment with the info on this post...

...so simple, eh? Enter by next Friday (June 6).

Do I Offend?

Where is everyone? I know your out there...I promised I showered and washed my hair today, and still no comments in like F-O-R-E-V-E-R...

Anyways, I am new at this but I am going to do a giveaway on Friday, so please come back and make a comment, won'tcha?

In other news, last week I went to Arizona for the first [hopefully not the last] time. My sister-in-law Becca had her Jr High graduation. Unknown to myself, a Utahn, Jr High graduations are a big deal... the girls wear formals and boys wear suits... It was great of my father-in-law, Scott, to throw everything together so the girls could go down and support Becca, we had a blast! Becca is awesome and always fun to be around, I especially enjoyed seeing her room too! [decked out head-to-toe in Jonas Brother's posters]... Congrats Becca!!


What We've Been Up To Lately

This is only part of the adventures that the Andersen's have been apart of... more to come through out the week [seriously].

As part of our kitchen remodel, we decided to knock down a wall to make our house more open...and so far it's helped lighting a ton.

P.S. Anyone know anything about load-bearing walls? I fear for our ceiling...


S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

Boy, oh boy, do I love Saturday Night Live. Last Saturday was the finale [I swear we just barely got TV back!] and since this year is an election year I was hoping to not be deprived of good ol' election humor. Last Saturday was excellent, I am in no way a fan of John McCain but couldn't help but laugh at his antics and the shows pokes at O'bama & Hillary.

There was also Two a-Holes sing Karaoke that was funny, but didn't dare try YouTube because of the weirdness that probably would've come up!

Sweet Paige


We have a new neice! Don's sister Amy gave birth to sweet Paige-y last Saturday morning. Sadly they live 5 or so states away, but I can't wait to meet this little thing and squish her cheeks!! Isn't she gorgeous?

In other news, it's supposed to be warm this weekend! Maybe I'll get my garden started and even plant some flowers, who knows, I may be getting ahead of myself...in the mean time have a good weekend!

{Credits HERE}

Call Me on the Line

I spent the great portion of last evening voting for David Archuleta on American Idol.


My mom is convinced that American likes him less because of his dad. And secretly thinks American Idol is grooming David Cook to beat D.A. because they don't want to deal with his dad...

I got 18 votes in... think it helped?

I am not partial to either of the David's, I have been sleeping at my mom's because Don is out of town for work and this is what we consider fun.

[Along with voting for any and all reality TV shows, we take requests for prank calls.]

Oh, Ugh...

Got sick of the 'look' on my blog... so I massively changed everything and lost inspiration somewhere in the middle, ugh! Any suggestions of what I can do to make it look cooler/not so girlie-ish?? Well let me know I'm up for all sorts of ideas!

When the Future's Architectured...

Have you heard the new Coldplay song yet?

Did you know you can download it for FREE HERE?

Have a listen...

Also, did you know you can listen to Death Cab for Cutie's new album HERE?

Excellent day, I am seriously in love with Coldplay, Thanks Aaron for the heads-up!

Watch Yo-Self

I graduated from college last Saturday with my twin brother T-Rizzle and sister-in-law Ashtab [my final grades have posted, it is official]. Yesssssssss.


See what I mean? Sweet picture, I know. Ok, even though the day was lengthy, the sun was shinning and it was truly a good day! Elder L. Tom Perry spoke at the College of Business graduation and even though it was a non-Church related event, I felt the spirit about him and truly know he is an apostle of the LDS Church. Side note: Elder L. Tom Perry grew up in my Church Ward, his brother is still in our ward and when we walked into Church on Sunday he was visiting and sitting on the stand. Kind of a surreal moment.

Here are a few more pictures, we left the battery at home in the charger and so we had to mooch off pictures from other people... so these are not all of them, especially since not ONE has Don in it, but I'll post more at the appropriate time.


There's nothing like finishing something MAJOR and realizing all the support you have around you. Thank-you, everyone!

TAG, the Tale of the Sixlets

I got tagged by McKall and I'm bad at doing these things, but I'll give it a go...

What were you doing 10 years ago?
-10 years ago I was thirteen (7th grade?) I thought I was pretty cool, I'm sure I wasn't.
-The mountain behind my house was on fire and we used to sit outside on the tramp everynight and watch it.
-My boyfriend was Jimmy S...ha ha!
-Favorite CD, The Wedding Singer Sountrack [thanks Tami]
- I wore overalls A LOT, of all colors

Name 5 things on your to do list for today:
-clean bathroom
-grocery shopping
-YW/YM cookout

5 snacks you enjoy:
-Top Ramen (not cooked)
-Reese's Fastbreaks
-Chocolate-covered Cinnamon Bears

5 things you would do if you were a billionaire:
-Solve world hunger
-Open a fabric store
-Take up golf
-Hire a maid

List 5 bad habits:
-Drinking Coke
-Procratinating cleaning/laundry
-Picking zits [I know, I know]
-Spending any and all cash I have in my wallet

List 5 places you have lived:
-Lived in the same city, different locations

5 jobs you've had:
-Cold Stone [Professional Ice Cream Taster]
-Orthodontic Assistant
-Dental Assistant

What would you like to be doing in 25 years?
Being a stay at home mom with my SIXLETS*.

I TAG whoever is interested in doing this...


*Awhile ago we did the string test and it said I'm going to have 6 children [5 boys, 1 girl]. My nephew got really big in the eyes and asked how the SIXLETS were all going to fit, I told him that hopefully they don't all come at once. We laugh and joke about it all the time.

P.S. My mother swears by the string test and says it is never wrong, boy I hope it is.

FEEL-ing Crafty?

I took my last final yesterday and now I am officially D-U-N with college, crazy eh? And since then I have been feeling crafty, I think I may even treat myself and go FEEL the fabric at the fabric store today...sounds nice.

Also, I just signed up for an Apron Swap and it sounds fun. [Don't really wear aprons, but with a cute one, maybe I will] I really enjoyed the last swap I did, mostly it's fun to get a cute something in the mail [other then bills or credit card offers].

If anyone wants to sign-up for it go HERE before May 5th.


P.S. If you a nervous about making an apron I found some easy tutorials HERE & HERE.

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