Apostrophy Designs: Fun in the Sun [or something like it]

Fun in the Sun [or something like it]

I should be studying. But it's snowing. So instead I'm dreaming of warmer days.
These pictures are from Saturday, where it was warmer [not too warm] but atleast it wasn't snowing...but it was still fun to spend time with the Willis' [Williams family] at Brinlee's game.


-Bryton was 3 days with out a Ba-Ba [a word he immediately turned his head and glared to, when I asked how it was going] and was not very excited to see me,
I think he forgets I'm his favorite aunt
-Brinlee is awesome soccer player, scored 4 goals [could've been more, she lost count]
-Brooklyn & me snuggling in a chair, photo by Bracken.

P.S. It's practically May, what's a girl gotta do to get some warmth around here?

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Katie said...

SERIOUSLY- What is up with this weather. I am surviving only with the thought that a week from tomorrow I will be in Sunny Cabo San Lucas, basking in the sun. Hey, congrats on the big events coming up this weekend. You actually did it:) Oh, what a feeling.

AdAmy said...

Hey! It's the other Anderson chick, Bruce's best half.;) You are quite the blogger. You always keep things interesting and funny, not to mention your template is cool. If I didn't have kids I don't think I could be creative as to what to blog about, you on the other hand, are a natural. Here's to many a happy blogging!

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