Apostrophy Designs: March 2008

For Tyler...

I remember seeing this awhile ago, having no idea what the song even is...

Then today this boy's phone rang with this ringtone... and the rest is YouTubed.

Take That, Exercise

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate walking, running or exercise in general. So you can imagine my delight as I read that 1/3 of people who made it to the ripe ol' age of 100 or older watched reality TV. With 1/4 of those watching MTV or music videos, and some of them use iPods.

So if I want to live and be ripe in age, what can I do?


The Hills started back up this week and drama, drama, drama! I love it, though. I found this at Heavy.com and nearly died... it's called Over the Hills, enjoy and add one year onto your life, this is as REAL as it gets...

a Hollywood Makeover

Been hanging out with my BFF's from Hollywood
and they shared some of their hair secrets...


I kinda like Christina Ricci the best? What do you think?

Do Yours HERE.

Can't Take Us Anywhere...

From the looks of it, you would think we'd never been to a Krispy Kreme before...

*This is after my Grandma's dinner a week or so ago...still clearing pictures off the old camie...

**We had a good Easter...no pictures (kinda boring when there's just two of us).
We spent most of yesterday with Don's family and then my family protested the fact that Easter came early and will celebrate Easter next Saturday!!

Sew, Sew, Suck Yer Toe...

I have read about people doing "Swaps" where they make or buy something and send it to a partner and vise versa. So a couple of weeks ago I joined the Swaparoni Flickr Group and am currently in the process of making something special for the "Tote Swap". I've got a fun swap partner and can't wait to send my package off, but wait anxiously for a package of my own! I will post finished pictures of the tote I made but until then I will leave you with a TEASER...


Hopefully you will think about joining Swaparoni for their next swap in April!!

Morning Express...


I'm chicken after all.

True Story: When my mom and dad were first married, my mom would wake up earlier than my dad just to do her hair and make-up. She would then climb back into bed, just so he wouldn't see what she looks like without make-up/hair done.

Truer Story: Being a young married lady myself, I wake up with what I'll refer to as crazy bangs [pretty much sleep on my face] + [above picture was taken after I matted them down] and then kiss Don with *gasp* morning breath, before getting ready for work.

Truest Story: I love to sleep and couldn't imagine waking up earlier than necessary just to put on my make-up and do my hair. Don married me and he's stuck with me, crazy bangs and all!

Credits HERE & HERE

Scary, Do I Dare-y?

Saw this great post on Blissfully Domestic and I'm in...

[inspired by this Flickr Group]

...to come sometime tomorrow, BEWARE and BE SCARED!

{Anyone else up for the challenge?}

Pupcake Anyone?


Every time I babysit I get persuaded into making cookies, brownies or pupcakes. I feel I should mention that it doesn't take a whole lot of persuasion on the kids part to get me to make a yummy treat! And what yummy treat isn't complete without a little frosting fight?? Don't be fooled, Hadley dove into her pupcake all by herself, no help from anyone.

Baby Jaden


The newest addition to the Andersen clan has arrived!! Adrienne and Josh [Hansen] added this little guy to their family this morning. They say Jaden's been really alert and very interested in his mouth. He weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz and is 20 inches long, so cute, can't wait to hold him!


90 Years in the Making


Yesterday was my Grandma Erickson's 90th Birthday, Wahoo! She is still very active and always looking for ways to serve others, she has always been such an amazing example to me. She has accomplished so much from serving LDS Church missions to making quilts and blankets for grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I love you Grandma!

Here is a cute poem she wrote 10 years ago when she was turning 80:


Credits HERE & HERE

Viva Las Vegas

Heading back to reality sometime tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I would share something that had my innards dancing.

My life has been fulfilled, thank you Bellagio [and Donnie].

Goodbye Skies of Gray...

Hello Skies of Blue!!


Going out of town with the Don and the weather looks like it will be delightful!

Have a good weekend!

Looking Out The Window

...and I've come up with nothing! Sorry to be boring but I'm still a touch sick and been busy [I do have a life, kind of]. So we'll have to see whats happens in the days to come... and as usual I will fill you in on all the details.


I am Listening, Too.

Awhile back I mentioned doing another blog just for music...and the long awaited day is here [haha!] Be warned this is not a blog that will say Hey this new band is coming out with this HOT song or anything remotely like that... this blog will be music that I am really into at the moment [old and new stuff].

So if you are interested or think that I am dumb, let me know... I'd do the same for you, ya know.

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