Apostrophy Designs: August 2007


Yep, goodbye Vanilla Coke, I know you were gone for awhile and then just barely came back to me, but I've moved onto Clearer and Blander things...Like water.

What is this picture anyways? Ice Creamy Thanda!! In all reality I have given up not just Vanilla Coke but all carbination and candy for a work competition. We do get money for doing it, but there isn't enough money to keep me away from coke, I am soley doing it for the competitive part.(Plus if I crumble I know I will never hear the end of it.)

So also a goodbye to my favorite type of candy Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears, you will be missed.


I have an addiction, a blog addiction. The funny thing is that I am not a blogger but I love to read other peoples blogs, it doesn't even matter to me if I know them or not. During my recent 'Blog Blast' I chanced upon my sister-in-law Amy's blog and found that she had in fact linked to my blog...yikes! Like I said I am not a blogger but I feel I am being challenged to have one...ha! No really it might be fun so we'll see how it goes... and if anyone even reads it!!

I just started school again at USU, and feel I am on the slow descent towards graduation!! It feels good to be here.
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