Apostrophy Designs: November 2011


Thankful for friends and sweet surprises sent in the mail...

Brown Beverages

I am definitely thankful for this... The bigger, the better!!


Thankful for smiles and sweet noises, makes not sleeping totally worth it!


I dislike the cold but I am thankful for jackets, blankets and sweat pants!!

Birthday Boy

I am behind in posting this but I am thankful for this birthday boy/husband/daddio.... He's the best ever!!!


Thankful for the music and dance partners who go with it !

Creative Outlet

Even if I kill myself in the process (burns, smashed fingers, and all!)

My Dad

Such a good, patient, loving guy!

One Month

Can't believe it's been one month already! Love our little sister lots and lots!

Being A Mom

To these two lovelies...

Great Grandma

My mom's mom... 94 years old!


{the baby in them is cute too!}

Thankful for

Since I am a bad blogger but great picture taker I thought I would post pictures in November of what I am thankful for... With little or no words FOR A WHOLE MONTH!...

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