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Fun in the Sun [or something like it]

I should be studying. But it's snowing. So instead I'm dreaming of warmer days.
These pictures are from Saturday, where it was warmer [not too warm] but atleast it wasn't snowing...but it was still fun to spend time with the Willis' [Williams family] at Brinlee's game.


-Bryton was 3 days with out a Ba-Ba [a word he immediately turned his head and glared to, when I asked how it was going] and was not very excited to see me,
I think he forgets I'm his favorite aunt
-Brinlee is awesome soccer player, scored 4 goals [could've been more, she lost count]
-Brooklyn & me snuggling in a chair, photo by Bracken.

P.S. It's practically May, what's a girl gotta do to get some warmth around here?

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Touching Me, Touching You

Visit my music blog for some of my favorite Neil Diamond songs...


What are your favorites?

Hello Again, Hello


I love, love, love Neil Diamond...It started when I was in 7th grade and we sang and excellent version of On the Robert E Lee and watched a clip of the Jazz Singer where it is sung. A few years later the Jazz Singer became one of my moms 'things' [she can watch the same thing over and over on end] and that's when my feelings for Neil become REAL. Since then, I have never celebrated a July without his wonderful America song. I love you Neil, I hope you enjoy your time on American Idol this week, I know I will!

A clip of my Neil in action...

P.S. I also really enjoy the movie Saving Silverman, if you haven't seen it and you love Neil like I do, then rent it tonight.

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Workin' For The Weekend...

I can't believe it is the weekend already! Wahoo! Here's a taste of what happened last weekend...my niece Hadley jealous of newer niece Bella and wanting to sit in the swing + first soccer game for my nephew Davis.


Oh, ya.

Also, our newest adventure is a kitchen make-over, so far we've only done some of the cabinets... but Adam & his bro Aaaron took of the countertops last night.


[a week or so with out a sink, what are we thinking?]

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Help Me, I'm Just Not That Bright...

This morning seemed harder than any other Monday to wake up, ut I grudgingly got myself out of bed and ready for work. As I walked out to the car I realized that the road wasn't very busy (we live close to a school and it is always crazy on my way to work). I pulled into the parking lot at work and couldn't believe I beat everyone here because I am usually late, so I kill the engine and prepare to wait for someone to unlock the door.

My cell phone rings and it's Donnie...


"Tori, you realize it's only 7 and you don't have to be to work until 8, right?"


"See ya in a minute."

I had accidentally set my clock an hour ahead, I wonder how long it would've taken me to figure this out on my own...

The Wrath of the Cosmic V-Dub...

Before reading this post, may I recommend you re-read this one...


Ok, let me catch you up to speed... I don't know what it is about our cars lately but everytime I think about them I want to cry [I'm crying at everything lately, see post below] and that's why I haven't really mentioned them since the above mentioned post. For the last couple of months the Passat has been in and out of the shop, and we finally got it back last week. Did it cost a hefty penny? Yes. Does it work any better? No.

So I've been cursing the thing for a couple months now, and haven't even driven it since we got it back. Well, that was until Tuesday, when I drove it to school and guess what happened... I lost the key, yup lost, as in the VW gods are mad at you for cursing their beloved Passat and now ye shall be punished for it, because it was yer only key, and now it's gone. They made it snow that day too!

**This would be the second time I've lost the Passat key in this calendar year. Don has been pretty good about it and even made some jokes to the dealer about how he's know the drill, because I am a pro at losing things... [no comment]

So we had this plan worked up to leave work a little early tomorrow and drive to the dealership to pick up the new key we had ordered. That is until my little brother was walking to his car up on campus, and happened to be looking at a bush and noticed a key on the ground...he picked it up and walked a little further over to where my poor abandoned Passat was and it worked. What are the chances??

I don't care if the VW gods have decided to forgive me, I'm still selling the dang thing...

[Thanks Ty-Ty, you ROCK!]

A Big Loser...

Everyone is gushing over American Idol today [which is ok, I am too], but what about the finale of The Biggest Loser? Holy cow, I ooooo-ed and awww-ed after watching some of the contestants weigh-in, at times I even was close to tears. Mostly because I was guiltlessly eating lunch while watching - wouldn't recommend it - but it really make me want to be motivated to exercise and eat healthier. Where would I start?

Back to the show, some of them lost 10's of pounds and the amazing thing is that even though some of them got kicked off early, they still all lost at least 50 lbs. Wowzas~ Here's a picture of my favorite team, the pink team-mom/daughter combo... Ali, the daughter was the overall, first female, Biggest Loser, she looks awesome.


Happy Tax Day - Cha, Cha, Cha


Today it is my youngest brother Ty-Ty's Birthday! Anyone who knows my Fasha can testify to the truthfullness of this story...

My mom was pregnant with my little brother and had been trying to get my dad to have the taxes done, due to the coming of little Ty-Ty, but he hadn't done them. So what do you know? April 15th rolls around and my mom is in the hospital delivering my little brother. My dad had to go get the tax papers, bring them to the hospital for her to sign, mail them off and then come back for the birth of my little brother.

22 years later, and my mom still tells the story...

What's that saying, "if you don't have a little sister turn your brother into one"?

Totally kidding, but he was the kind of brother that let me put make-up on him, made dances up with me on the patio, and sang with me to Bryan Adam's Everything I Do on the bunk-beds. Other things I love about Ty-Ty...he is quite the kidster, a shirt-ninja in his own right, looks like Jimmy Neutron and reminds me of my Fasha...let's just hope he'll never forget to pay the taxes!


Happy Birthday Ty-Ty!


Glorious Friday...

So thankful its Friday. Weekends are my favorite. Another Favorite is The Office. Last night, Don tried to play coy, like he wasn't into watching it anymore. But he was upset to find me curled up on our bed watching it without him. Hmmmm.

Anyone else want to pretend that this show is not all that great, when truthfully they would be upset by missing it? Well here's a clip from last nights episode that you probably missed either way [it got cut from the episode, but is ridiculously funny].


I have been meaning to post a picture of the bag I received from the Tote Swap, but my camera has been MIA since the wedding... so I stole a picture from Dallas' blog to post here! I love it and it's very fun, can't wait to use it!


**Nails are doing ok, I have found out gum REALLY helps! Thanks for all the tips...


boo yeah

I have a horrible habit... biting my nails. I've always had this condition, but lately it is getting on my nerves. I find myself doing it all of the time...I think it's a terrible habit and I want out.

I trust everything* I read on the Internet and while I was scoping out solutions to my problem I came across some evidence that suggests medications such as anti-depressants and OCD medications actually minimize nail biting behavior. Well thanks wikipedia for solving my life problems, point me to the nearest pharmacy.

I don't bite my nails when I'm nervous or depressed, I do it without even thinking about it. I've tried sour stuff, painting my finger nails, and clipping them on a regular basis... Even my New Years Resolution of '04 was to quit and I made it 5 days, seriously 5 days? So I thought since some people report losing weight on their blogs, I will report on my nail biting adventures [hopefully there won't be many more, plus I wish I could say NO fingernails were harmed during the typing of this entry but that'd be lying].

I am going to start out by changing my hair elastic on my wrist and moving it between my two arms anytime my hand gets near my mouth...

Anyone else have this problem?


[check sidebar for the occasional tally]

Nice Day For A White Wedding




Don's youngest sister got married yesterday [Ashley to Josh], and it was a gorgeous day! Don't they make a cute couple? They even got married by an astronaut...cool, huh? [A REAL live one who's been to outerspace]

We took A LOT of pictures and these are just some of my favorites...
the artsy shots were taken by Don.

[My sister-in-law Katie has more pictures on her blog, too!]

Pretty Bird, Pretty Birdie

Is it just me or has this week gone by fast? Not only that but it has been really busy, I know this because I seem to fall asleep just seconds before my head hits the pillow. All-in-all I am thankful for the busy-ness and getting to see Don's sister, Amy and her family, fun, fun, love those kids, fun!!

I wanted to quickly post how my bag turned out for the Swaparoni Swap
[Dallas, stop reading now to remain surprised]. I thought this was really fun and I was really excited with how it turned out, so excited I almost sent it off without sewing the lining shut...oops! My swap partner and her husband recently took up bird watching, so I thought it would be fun to do a bird-esc bag
[I also sent her a cute notebook for her 'bird notes']
let me know what you think...


I think I will put my swapping skills to the test, on this Apron Swap.

Ode to a Belated Easter


These pictures speak for themselves, but we did start to wonder why we were the only ones rolling/throwing [see wind-up above] our Easter eggs down the hill, we weren't a week late or anything!

[I don't have any pictures of Don & I, we are lame]

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