Apostrophy Designs: December 2010

2011 Bucket List (aka Resolutions)

1- LEARN NEW THINGS -- I hate doing things that I don't feel good at or is out of my comfort zone. For example this last year I was completely nervous selling stuff at markets and even though I had my awkward moments (trust me there were lots) I really enjoyed myself and made a lot of friends in the process.

2- TAKE UP PAINTING -- This is something I have always wanted to do and am actually going to sign up for a class with my SIL at the beginning of the year. (kinda goes with number 1, eh?)

3- READ MORE -- I have always loved to read but find I am doing it less and less lately. So I will read more Scriptures, spiritual books, for fun, and even read more with Bergen (she loves books too).

4- WRITE THINGS DOWN -- I have a blog, but I am not good at mentioning the small things that happen. I love the Internet but there is still something fun about a handwritten journal.

5- ENJOY LIFE -- I can name a bunch of times this last year that I was no fun to be around. I am going to try to relax and enjoy everything (even if I things go wrong and are out of my control). Plus my baby is turning two in a few months and I need to enjoy her everday!

This {2010} Year in Pictures

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

 Sure love this silly little girl.

This is her Christmas outfit and cute Santa stocking.

Bergs loves Santa a lot and can talk non-stop about him.

Santa stockings do confuse her though...

 All of our stockings, before we hung them on the fireplace.

 Grady and Bergs opening jammies.

Denning Gran-kids before Jammies.

 Denning Gran-kids post Jammies.

 Best friends!

 Grandma, Grandpa, Hadley and Bergie Lou


Christmas morning and our favorite present a bed for babies.

Now Bergs doesn't have to sleep with all ten of her babies, we put them in the crib! ha ha!

 Denning Girls + Mama Denning

Bergs playing with her favorite, ooooo Princesses! She loves her Reelllllla (Cinderella)

I think Christmas was a HUGE success and I must admit it was fun for me too! 

Have A Messy Christmas

 Have a Messy CHRISTMAS!


 Well messy works too, doesn't it?

People of DC

me - honest abe

ken - winnie - rico - lisa - don - me

soffe - santa (some of bergs favorite people in the world, can you guess why?? ha ha)

don - me - rico - lisa - scotty - annie - winnie - ken

president adam don

lisa - me - don - rico - annie - scotty - winnie - ken

me - don - tree - missing in photo nice carolers

tiny people at base of photo = everyone but me

rico - annie - scotty - don - me - ken - winnie - lisa

honest abe - scotty - annie - winnie - ken - rico - me - don - lisa

Other friend trips posted DENVER ->HERE & NEW YORK->HERE (not blogged 2005 BOSTON)

Scenes of DC

off the mall

george town campus

infront of the capitol

walking around the capitol

inside the capitol

the lincoln memorial from the washington memorial

view of arlington cemetery

a build at the top of arlington cemetery

more arlington cemetery

tomb of the unknown solider(s)

amphitheater at tomb of the unknown(s)

**all taken with my new baby nikon, which i luurve!
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