Apostrophy Designs: January 2010

Taste The Rainbow

Last week was crazy, I put together (with the help of my sister, Tami) some crafts to be sent down south for a Boutique.

I am very excited and had a lot of fun making everything, but I had to laugh as I sat down and color coded the headbands, I guess I'm quirky like that.

These pictures don't do them justice but I'll reveal more fun stuff after I know how things go.

P.S. If you are near the Ogden area and interested in attending the boutique on Tues & Wed shoot me an e-mail, ToriJoAndersen[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send you the information.

P.S.S. Blogger is being silly and I can't figure out what it thinks I'm linking to...

Almost There!

Do you ever have those moments where you are just almost there?

I feel like that is how this month has gone, or almost has...

This picture was taken on Sunday and Bergs actually fell asleep like this, reaching to be free!

I feel the same way, I want to be FREE of January, gloomy weather and poor air.

Onto sunshine, stroller walks, a first birthday and maybe some fireworks!


P.S. I want to thank everyone for their orders from the Apostrophy shop (you've kept me busy!) and as promised...I have more to come so keep yours eyes peeled!

Eleven Months

I've struggled to get these up, so don't mind that I am post-dating this post.

I had the hardest time getting good ones, I even had to enlist Donnie's help.

The bloopers could gone on forever... boy, do I love her!

Love her ponytails, two teeth, dork laugh & everything about her!!

Let the count down to the big U-N-O begin!

Watch my baby grow HERE...

The Many Faces of the BERGS

I am sad that she is growing up quick, but boy I do love the stage she is at right now.

(minus the teething/cold we are dealing with currently.)

Here's why...

Her are you kidding me face...

Her Showing-off Face (showing her teeth)...

Her "Dada Pay Attention to ME Face"

her "BIG Pouty Lip Face"
(which she gets from her dad!)

p.s. Who doesn't love a fun bath-time-mohawk every now and again?

Zipper Headbands & Craft for Hope


For a limited time the Apostrophy Shop will be selling these adorable zipper headbands.

They will be coming to the shop early tomorrow morning!!

The headband itself is metal and easily fits to both ADULT & CHILDREN head sizes.

I would also like to congratulate HEATHER J. for not only guessing right but by being our winner!!
(send me an e-mail at torijoandersen[at]gmail.com with your info)


**I donated one of each of the headbands pictured above to the Craft Hope Etsy Shop, who is donating all of their earnings to disaster relief in Haiti. So if you are planning on buying a headband head over HERE first and buy one. Also, check out a lot of the other cool things that have been donated...it's all for a good cause!

[for more info about craft hope click HERE]

Peeky Peeky O So Sneaky GIVEAWAY

This picture is a sneak peek at some new stuff coming to my shop on Monday.

Take a guess at what you think I'm up to and we'll make it into a GIVEAWAY!

You don't have to be right so guess anyway (only ONE comment per person please!)

Those Darn Halls

Sorry these pictures seem pretty silly if you don't live in Aggie country.

The Aggies played Hawaii last night, and those darn Halls seem to be cheering on everyone BUT the Aggies.

It's not working because Bergs appears to be picking up the Scotsman rather well for her age.

Also we're continuing to work on her winning team/losing team chant and hope to have that perfected by the end of the season.

Newest Addition Back In Action

I would like to introduce everyone to the newest member of our family...

Mindy is going to be staying with us while she works on her modeling career...

W-E-I-R-D, I know...

Mindy is really what I call her and she has been modeling headbands for me so I can get my shop up and going again!!

I've wanted to get Apostrophy Designs back up for awhile and with the new year it just felt kind of right...

Why the headbands/head cozies you ask? Well I loved making purses but they are time consuming and I have two very good reasons to scale back on the crafting time.

So for now I'll start with the head cozies but I have many tricks up my sleeve so keep an eye out...

There will be lots of fun things in (my) store!!

Let's Go Back To Christmas

I have been waaay behind this year**.

As a matter of fact, I just took down my Christmas stuff last night and I just realized I forgot to take down the nativity.

That will have to wait until tomorrow, shhhhh don't tell anyone.

Maybe we'll just pretend for one more night that it's Christmas.

Christmas was a lot more eventful at our house then I could've imagined.

I have the pictures to prove it.

We had high hopes of Bergs crawling to her presents.

Nope, she wanted the video camera instead.

After being put by the present, she finally caught on.

I bought this pony originally because I enjoyed it, but she's been riding it every morning since.

Even while opening other presents we were going through pony with-drawls.

Haiden and his "Bergie" at grandma's house opening presents.
He absolutely loves Bergs and smothers her with kisses and loves everyday.

My favorite present of the year... Don told me it didn't turn out like he had planned but I simply love it!


**Stay tuned for a really fun announcement that will explain my slacker habits!!
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