Apostrophy Designs: October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last year I was writing about how Don and I don't usually dress up for Halloween.

I wish we did...

But this year I have my own little baby doll to dress up!

Life is good.

[picture by a&g]

in HIS shoes

Remember this photo, from HERE?

Well Don felt left out and wanted his own shoe shot with Bergs.

[This also happens to be a sneak peek from our first family photo shoot,
I will post more once Ash puts them on her website.]

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We woke up today to a light layer of snow on the ground, ugh!

This is only the beginning of things to come, I'm sure...

On Sunday, I had seen that the weatherman predicted snow not once, but twice this week.

And so for Bergs sake, I whipped out something to help keep her warm.

We just need to work on keeping it on her head!

Best of the West

A long time ago in the the Wild Wild West my dad, Steve, was born.

Little did he know at the time, but he was destined to become a cowboy.

But he had gone on and lived his life 61 years without even riding a horse,

Until that fateful night his family took him to Texas Roadhouse...

And then a champion cowboy was born, and the West was won!

[I don't think any of us have ever laughed so hard,
has anyone else ever 'saddled-up'?]

Dear Aggies,

Good luck at your football game today.

I'm a fair-weather fan and so I won't be attending the game.

Boy, it's sure hard to be an aggie fan in the fall...

Good thing basketball season starts this week!

Love, Bergs

[Pictures were taken at last week's game]

Eight Months

I can't believe it's been 8 months.

Loved every minute.

Watch my baby grow H-E-R-E.

Halloween Picky Pictures

I've told you before about my talented sister-in-law and how she isn't your average point and shoot photographer.

She seems to catch all of the best faces Bergs has to offer, and that makes her the best!

Recently she took these Halloween shots of my babe and is offering some Halloween sessions for only $20!

Visit H-E-R-E for more info.

So How Do You Expect Me

to blog when I have something more cute/fun/adorable/lovely to play with?

[I watched Glee this morning and had the No Air song in my head ALL day, hence my title, love the show, I'm just saying.]

Don's Photos

The other day I was looking through Don's phone and found a bunch of really neat photos.

I'll share more over the coming weeks, until then enjoy these few.

What's Going On...

Things have been Caaaaa-Razy around these parts.

Did I ever mention I am in charge of enrichment for my ward....whewwy.

Aside from that Bergs has had allergies and isn't sleeping so good.

And then every last minute I can squeeze in has been put towards making some fun fun things.

I'll post more pictures of my sewing project as I get them...

Lastly, AMY guessed right about the ride we took Bergen on at Disneyland, IT WAS A SMALL WORLD and she gets her choice between these two jars left over from enrichment.

If anyone else is interested I still have a couple of these babies left and would sell them to you for cost. (Candy not included!)

Seven Months

Bergs turned 7 months while we were in California.

We went where every 7 month-old dreams of going... SEA WORLD!

I was planning on doing her pictures on the trip but forgot the blanket, so I had to take them after we got back.

To make it up to her, I promised she could wear her Minnie onsie again.

Bergs rolls all over the place and it was really hard to take some decent pictures this time.

In fact some of the best pictures were the ones when I held the bear above her and not put it next to her.

She also sits, kinda, for a bit and then she falls over and goes back to rolling.

Watch my baby grow HERE.

Boo To You...

and you and You and YOU!
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