Apostrophy Designs: August 2008

Nie Nie Day.

Many of you are familiar of the Story of Nie Nie and her husband. Many of you are also aware of the silent auctions that are floating around the Internet helping raise money for the family...

Many of us have felt very strongly for this family and having been wanting to help, and now I think we all can.

Like I mentioned before there are A LOT of silent auctions going on around the internet today and throughout the weekend. [BIG LIST of them HERE]

I have even donated a Little Birdie Tote to be bid on over at The Ponytail Challege, along with a bunch of other fun stuff to bid on.

So go on and bid now [there is LOADS of cute stuff out there!], all the money will go to the family and help them in their time of need.

If you get a little nervous about auctions and would love to give money another way, directly to the family you can click the link below and donate money. I'm sure every bit helps! Thanks!

Feed the Addiction

Still having Olympic withdrawls??

Let this little ditty feed that addiction...

[Found Here]

A Hootin' Good Time...

Long time no post.

Well I have a bunch of fun things going on lately so it's not like I sleep all day or anything (well kinda).Today I am hosting a giveaway on the fabulous Suburose Blog! This blog features all sorts of fun giveaways and I am just happy to be apart of it! So go there now and enter to win, you have until Tomorrow, August 26th, to enter.

I have finally put a Blog for Apostrophy Designs. I have been wanting to do this forever but could not figure out a design I was happy with. Then I heard about Hannah from Sherbet Blossom and wowza! I am ready to go...[Thanks for the heads up Camille!]

Sneek on over and have a peek, let me know what you think...

And finally, if you remember our kitchen...it's still chugging along.


We're getting there, that is until our basement flooded up on our renter's again...YIKES!

Hello Sweet Boy.


My Sister-in-law Jill had her baby this morning...little, sweet Crew Bradley.

I wish I lived closer so I could see him right away! My brother sent me these pictures and I don't know if it's the hormones or what...but I just melted when I saw him.

::Oh sweet babe of mine, can I fast forward a couple months to meet you and then put you back in my uterus* so I can prepare a little more?::

*Is it ok to say the word uterus in blogland?

The Olymmmmmpics...

have completely taken over my life and DVR.

consume my thoughts all day long.

are even popping up in my dreams.

are great in everyway possible, except the women's marathon, which was TOO much coverage.

[Have even found myself getting annoyed with those who aren't up to par on the current Olympic knowledge]

will be over in one short week, how will I go on without them?


Sorry for the lack of posts, my camera is dead and that usually is my motivator when it comes to blogging!

Now I don't really think I will really change the name of my blog...but we are still having a baby!

Baby Andersen/Stinky Pete/Minitori will be born the beginning of March. We could not be more thrilled!!

Thanks for all of your great comments!!

[Image found HERE]

Time For A Ch-Ch-Change

I have decided to change the name of my blog...


What do you think??

Crazy Eights

I love, love, love the Olympics and found myself singine the Olympic Theme song this morning in the shower? Dun-Dun-Dun Dun Dun Dun...Anyone with me??

While scoping out some blogs I couldn't help but notice how awesome these pictures of the Chinese Olympic Park are, the above are my favorite shots [hard to choose only a few].

Can't wait for the opening ceremonies, even though I already know they have taken place and it sorta drives me bonkers.

See more HERE.

Found HERE.

Adventures in Babysitting Pt II



Another adventure in babysitting. Another great time.

Love these kid-o's!

[Credits HERE & HERE]

An Ugh Situation...


What takes this situation from Ugh to Oh-La-La?

Our car got hit late one evening...

Since I then have had a headache...

My cure...

Ben & Jerry's...

If only they were car mechanics too!!

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