Apostrophy Designs: September 2007

The Tale of The New Pornographers.

No it's not anything dirty. Not by any means. It's actually a band, a good one at that! With our little mishap earlier this week, there was a point when we weren't going to go. We negociated it with Soffe over french toast and decided we should go. Everyone needs a Soffe by the way, he planned out a list of good concerts coming up, which includes a FHE concert featuring Interpol in October. THANKS SOFFE! Ok, back to the concert, there were some weird people there, by weird I mean drunk, that I could have definetly done without. You can pick your nose, but not your concert friends, right?

This is the song they closed with, you know before the encore. You may also recognize this song from a Saturn commerical. It was really good live!! In fact, I was really impressed with how well the sang together, it really flowed. The other bands that played were also really good, usually this phenomenon doesn't occur. The other bands were Lavendar Diamond, they were really random between songs but it made it more interesting and The Akward Stage, which reminded me the movie Sixteen Candles.

Here We Go Again

Welcome back Grey's Anatomy, I can hardly wait!!
P.S. Private Practice was ok, felt too dramatic to have someone die in the first 5 minutes.

Just Another Manic Monday

Well kind of. Ok it started a couple of weeks ago when our current tenant told us she'd be moving out, GREAT (not really, she just moved in). So the task of finding someone new is not fun, plus it's September schools already in and such. So in an effort to find someone faster, and avoid the calls directed at us from people wanting to rent our whole house, we decided to put an ad in the newspaper. Well as anyone who's ever tried to get a hold of me knows it’s a difficult task, I seldom answer because my phone is either lost or dead. So who is the idiot that put my number in the newspaper? I did, on accident but that's another story all on it’s own. So yesterday I forgot my phone when I went to work and didn't get reunited with it until about 2:00 and by then I had missed 3 calls. I only call the people back that leave messages, so about an hour later, I get a call from this guy, who didn't EVER leave a message, and he gets mad at me because he'd tried to call on Saturday and yesterday (we don't do business on Sunday's). He has driven by and wants to see our apartment. SERIOUSLY, ANGRY? Ok, whatever so he's going to come at 6. I go grocery shopping after work, argh, and call Don to check the basement to make sure it looks ok to show. Well it turns out the basement toliet had flooded and we can't show it to MR. ANGRY DUDE, I call him, I tell him about basement disaster, he doesn't care, he is almost to our house, he wants to see it anyways, ok FINE! He sees it, the END. After trying to figure out where the leak has been coming from, which we assumed had stopped by now, our tentant FINALLY calls back to inform us that the hose to the toilet had started leaking 2 or 3 days ago... SERIOUSLY? Where were we? Don’t worry though because she was going to get a fan and dry it out, umm don’t think so, we’ll call a professional, but THANKS.
**Sorry to vent.
**Thank goodness for The Bachelor which changed my mood from bitter to almost peeing my pants. I will share my thoughts on The Bachelor another time, along with Dancing with the Stars.

USU Homecoming Extravaganza

Saturday was Homecoming at USU, and it started off with a laugh at the parade, courtesy of the A-Team.

Ashley is somewhere in there, I don't really know if I ever found her. She was well disguised! I should also mention they got first prize for this in the parade, well deserved!! They were by far the best float!

Here's a picture from the football game. However, this is decieving because it rained MOST of the time.

Here's a picture of us near the end of the game, sick huh? How come Don always looks so photogenic?

The Time Has Come.

For the Fall TV Line-up to start! Yahoo! Like most people I enjoy the drama and comedy shows, but what I love, love, love is reality TV. One such show just happens to be Dancing with the Stars and it happens to start this coming Monday!

Here are some of the people I am rooting for:

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Today is my niece Brooklyn's birthday! She's 5 going on 15...Sike! She's been waiting for her birthday ever since the beginning of Summer and now it's here!! Happy Birthday Brook!!

A Bit of Controversy

On Saturday I went with my sister Tami to get her 15 month-old daughter ears pierced. People have been giving her a hard time about Hadley having earrings. She cried only for a minute and then immediately started smiling again. Pain obviously not an issue. So what's the big deal with getting a little girl's ears pierced?

A Letter to The Editors

We attended The Editors concert on Saturday night at In The Venue, I had a headache and almost opted for Adam to leave me at the homeless shelter but I was really glad I went. We saw the band about a year ago at The Depot and I hardly remember them being so lively, but the lead singer who's name is Tom, I just refer to him as Tom Editor, was very lively and captivating with his deeeep voice...see for yourself.

I tried taking some pictures but they didn't turn out very well, so I stole this little ditty off YouTube. Sorry for just posting two in a row but this is almost as good as being there!

The show also had some really good opening bands Ra Ra Riot, with an electrical string section, and Biffy Clyro, a band from Scotland.


Anyone who has been around me lately knows that I am very obsessed with a certain song. It all started when my sister-in-law Ashley made me the Boo Yeah Mix '07 with this song and now it's my ringtone.

The song is orignally by Rihanna, but I found this version on Soffe's blog and I think it's one of the best versions out there! Thanks Soffe!!


My Day of Labor Post with the before and after pictures of our bathroom created a Monster, we were going to wait until next spring or so to do the shower but Adam couldn't wait...This is what I can home to last night, scary huh? When I went to bed it was still pretty scary looking but they got walls up so there aren't holes anymore.


We went to California with my whole family in August.
There were 23 of us, what were we thinking? Actually, I thought it was a lot of fun... (only after we got a little crazy).

Day of Labor.

After a hard Day of Labor (not by me), I thought it would be fun to see what our bathroom looked like before the remodeling...

*Not seen in these photos: the tile, new light fixture, and the shower (which we've skipped the remodeling for now).
**Thanks to you (person who wishes to remain nameless) for your 13 hours of work on Labor Day.
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