Apostrophy Designs: October 2011

Don's Photos: Seattle Edition

Sorry it has taken me forever to finish blogging the rest of our pictures from our trip to Seattle, we had forgotten a normal camera and so we used Don's phone to take a lot of the pictures.

And then his phone got ran over by a golf cart...eek!

So after much anticipation, here's to playing catch-up when I should be sleeping!

Happy Due Date + One Week

Well I was excited today to take Dylan's first ever, 'watch her grow' picture!!

And of course, not much gets by BIG SISTER without her wanting to join in on the fun!!

Also, today was technically my due date, so Happy Due Date little sis, we love you lots!!

Baby, Oh Baby

So excited to show off our newest addition, Dylan Joyce.

We named her after my Mom, and it couldn't be more fitting! She was born with thick brown hair, just like Grandma Joyce had.

We are slowly adjusting to life, but couldn't be more in LOVE...

Can I also mention that Bergen is one heck of a big sister?

She has started naming all of her baby dolls DYLAN, too.

TWIG Winners!!

The winner of the necklace is... JAIME!

and the winner of the earrings is ALISON!


I will be contacting you both real soon to get mailing addresses, in the mean time I WILL BE HAVING A BABY...

Be back REEEEEAL soon!!

{This is for LINDS who said I needed to post more pregnant pictures!}
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