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So This is the New Year...

Well I thought it would be fun to make my last post of the year, and say my favorite saying, "Seee ya next year!!" [So juvenile, I know] I can't quite figure out where the year has gone, only to know that it is in fact GONE! 

Do I have any regrets? Ya sure... mostly about the fact that we failed our 2007 resolution... 7 Vacations in the year 2007, we did 5... so close, boo.
Any resolutions for this forth coming year? Ya sure... 8 children in 2008, sike! But that would be quite the accomplishment and it might help me get over the 2007 resolution failure. 

In all reality I love this time of year because it helps me realize not only my failures but also the wonderful things that have happened in my life, I am truly blessed. My goal for 2008 to be more humble in realizing the blessing in my everyday life.

[Sorry to go all cheesy, but there is one cheesy post on every blog, and this is mine!]

P.S. Top albums of the year....

10- Biffy Clyro
9- P.S. I Love You (Soundtrack)
8- Avett Brothers
7- James Morrison
6- Tegan & Sara
5- Sara Bareilles
4- New Pornographers
3- The Editors
2- Bloc Party
1- The National

Sayonara, Finally!

Over the Christmas Break we were finally able to get our
tub refinished! The smell was terrible for a few days,
but we were so glad to get rid of Pinky.

[I wish I would've taken better 'before' pictures, but what can ya do?]


Guitar Heroes


For Christmas, Jash (the Josh that belongs to Ash) got the Guitar Hero 3, so we all rocked till our hearts were content...

I had video footage of Nan & Scott, however it ended up being too dark, but they sure knew how to ROCK!

Christmas Time [Revisited]


We had a really good Christmas and are blessed to have both of our family's close enough to do not only one Christmas Eve party, but two! We spent the earlier part of the day with my family [the Denning's] and then the latter with Adam's [the Andersen/Felt/Clark Families].

It was fun to meet and hold little Luka & see those we don't get to see often! We also missed those we didn't get to see, the Creer's & Becca, please come and visit soon!!!

New York, New York

Here's a compilation of photos from New York, Adam & I took over 200, but only about 10 made the 'blog cut'. Enjoy!

New York Pops @ Carnegie Hall, conducted by Doc Severinsen, Very Excellent!
The Group - Lisa, Me, Don, Aaron, Annie, Scotty

Time Square!

The Burger Joint -- Literally the 'Burger Nazi's' of New York, but waay good & worth being scared out of your mind for.
Also, it ranked #9 on The 20 Burgers To Eat Before You Die List in GQ mag.

Boo NO Dave, Boo.

Sickest Day of my life (stomach flu), but survived long enough to tromp through lower Manhattan!
[Statue of Liberty in the background]


Top of the 'Rock'
[Empire State Building Behind]

Santa Land @ Macy's

The actual lights that will light up when the ball drops next week!

Carmine's -- We went here right after SPAM-A-LOT [hilarious], it was such a lovely meal and a great way to cap off a wonderful trip! At one point The Christmas Waltz played and actual tears were shed, many of them.
Last, but not least, what trip isn't complete without Kevin Bacon?
We went to the Today Show, which is filmed up by the Rockefeller Plaza and Kevin was the celebrity collecting toys. My favorite part was when Adam yelled, "I love your work with Hanes." This all happened when he was about 5 feet or so from us...
All in all, by far the best trip I have ever had!!

Gotta Love the Subway

I realize that I am behind on things I am wanting to share, so instead of boring everyone with one HUGE post. I will continue to post once, sometimes twice a day until all I want to say has been said... So there.

Ok, you saw a preview of our trip to New York, a picture of me with the Naked Cowboy (which has caused a lot of harrassment on my end). This would've gone up before those photos if my camera hadn't died while uploading...

One of my favorite things about the East Coast is the subways and that's because you never know what you are going to find down there.

Here's a prime example...

What Movie Is Your Christmas?

Your Christmas is Most Like: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Christmas is a big, boisterous event at your place.
And no matter what, something hilarious usually happens.

Merry Christmas!!

It doesn't look as if I will be posting again until after Christmas... so enjoy yourself and eat a lot of candy [I know I will!] We didn't do a Christmas card this year because it's just us two, but I found this card from the Shabby Princess Shoppe, added a photo and vola!~
a Digital Christmas Miracle! Enjoy!

Best Christmas Present Ever!

The Naked Cowboy & I in Times Square... [Santa MUST have gotten my letter this year!] I had to keep reminding Don that he [the cowboy] made me put my hand on his tush... New York is a big, big place... and not that I know other wise, but it is the BEST at Christmas!!

I will post more later...

Bon Voyage, Auf Wiedersehen...

Well we are off to the 'Big Apple' tonight! Words can't fully express how excited I am for this trip... there's been a lot of Christmas Anxiety going around and I am catching on, so a good, fun, festive, relaxing Holiday is in order! Pictures to follow, shortly...

P.S. No, the 'Big Apple' is not in Canada... this one is though.

Trouble In The Jungle...

If you like little Australian girls who rap about saving wild animals from evil mankind, than this is for YOU! This is Bindi, the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's daughter...along with "Crocmen"...aka The Wiggles
[Click on the picture to watch clip].

Well Hi...

I have survived... yes, fist pump... finals week is over (and all in one day!) Who knew?? Right? Well I have a lot that I can complain about and all that jazz, but I will just gloat, I have only ONE semester left in my college career! Now there's reason to celebrate (and of course get over the 'what if I didn't pass my tests' slum)!!! So victory dance on my friends, dance on...

Also, we had a Christmas Party and this improv group Thrillionaires was the entertainment. Now I am pretty skeptical when it comes to people trying to be funny (on purpose), but these guys were good, crying good. If you live near Provo and you are as skeptical as me, try 'em and enjoy!!

You Are Here [Or I Will Be In A Week!]

New York, New York!


The dude, who turned out to be a she, couldn't make it today to transform our tub. Boo.

I Feel It In My Fingers... I Feel It In My Toes...

You only have 19 days to watch ALL of these...yes ALL of them, because they are sooo good! (plus, any other Christmas Classics)

Oops how could I forget...

Seee Ya Pinky!!

Yep that's right we don't need you anymore... It's not you, it's us... We love pink, who doesn't love pink... But it just doesn't feel right anymore... So, Goodbye... Sayonara... Auf Wiedersehen... See Ya... Arrivederci... Au Revoir... Ciao... Bis Dann ... Adios... Zai Jian ...

That's right, on friday some dude will transform our Pink tub into a sparkling White one!! I can't wait, it is one of the last things to be done in our life-long bathroom transformation. In fact, if you can't remember where we started check this out. I will post final pictures soon!

**Did I mention how proud I am of Don for doing this without any professional help?? (His brother Aaron has helped quite a bit, also much appreciation!!)

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These are a few of our decorations we have up so far this year...
I feel like a kid again, Christmas has just made me giddy this year! I have even compiled what I believe to be one of my BEST Christmas Mixes yet!! (Besides the WHOLE Josh Groben CD I got for my Birthday) but it's seems to be going around, there are a lot of bloggers out there doing this... but I only realized that after I complied my list this morning in FineTune, but it's a great idea for everyone to do!! Here goes mine...
  • Darlene Love – Merry Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)
  • John Lennon – Happy Christmas (War is Over)
  • Colbie Caillat – Mistletoe
  • 98 Degrees – If Everyday Could Be Christmas
  • Bianca Ryan – Why Couldn’t It Be Christmas Everyday?
  • N’Sync – Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays
  • Celine Dion – The Magic of Christmas (God Bless Us Everyone)
  • The Drifter’s – White Christmas
  • The Carpenters – Merry Christmas Darling
  • Josh Groban – Believe
  • Ella Fitzgerald – Baby its Cold Outside
  • The Format – Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Amy Grant – My Grown Up Christmas List
  • New Kids on the Block – Last Night I Saw Santa Claus
  • Sarah McLachlan – A Song for a Winter’s Night
  • Gatsby’s American Dream – Christmas Time is Here
  • Robert Downy, Jr. - The River

**Bare in mind that these are in no particular order and I am sure I forgot a few... I had to do this completely from scratch, because my computer with all my Christmas Music has gone to the BIG computer shop in the sky.

P.S. If you disagree with my list, write your own, or go to YOUR HEART OUT and see their list.

P.S.S. There is also this cute blog called I Love You, I Think... that will give you 30 [way fun] ideas for Christmas this year...

I Really Wanna Know (who are you? who, who?)

I've been getting quite a few 'hits' on my blog lately and
I am just curious to see who's out there...I Really Wanna Know...
(who are you? who, who, who, who? )

You don't have to leave a comment but fill out the poll!! Thanks!

P.S. I know 3 posts in one day? It's Friday...

Blogs I Love

Yesterday [Revisted]

Here's just a few pictures from the special day...

Thanks Nan for the cake and taking the pictures!

One Year Older, and Wiser Too!

{Well I don't know too much about that last part} but it's my Birthday today, a most joyous event!! An event that I have shared for 23 years with my brother Troy!! I have many fun stories I could share about my/our lives thus far... but I thought I would just share some fun pictures of us groooowing up...

P.S. Special thanks to my sister Tami for always doing my hair the way I liked it, fluffy.


I can't believe I went through the Thanksgiving season without even giving an ounce of thanks, well as far as you know... But I am thankful for so many things and opportunities I have in my life... I am blessed with an adorable hubby, an amazing immediate family, some darn fun in-laws and very crazy friends!

Would needs anything else?

**Well maybe food, but after Thanksgiving even I might rethink that!

P.S. Here's a picture of Tami & I [We were on a date] at Highschool Musical [The Ice Tour, as Kole says]... Because I had no children or husband to photo, I have no photos...but Tami does!! Go here to see more.

Thanksgiving Highlights

Highlight #1 - After eating not one, but two Thanksgiving meals (all within 3 hours) we played Mexican Train with Todd & Jill. This is always good for some laughs, mostly because Adam and I always lose!

Highlight #2 - I have a bunch I can say about this event, but just know I went with my sisters, had fun, and survived!

Highlight #3 - The Preston Light Parade... here is Adam, Scott, Nan, Becca, Ash, Josh... We were all bundled up because it was WAAAAAY to cold! Thanks Nan, it was a fun idea to go!

Highlight #4 - Spending time with my Best Friends, Brooklyn, Baylie, and Brinlee... also the newest edition not pictured here is Hadley, she's to young to know it now, but we'll be Best Friends, I just know it! I love my family and it is just fun to hang out with them...we also have a tradition of going to a movie the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we saw Fred Claus, it was a cute Holiday movie.

Happy Turkey Day!

In Case You Were Wondering...

**Albeit I am sick and YES, I do have amazing amounts of time, so DEAL with it!

What The....?

{As my cute nephew Davis says} is wrong with the Bachelor Brad? I mean seriously... you choose no one? SERIOUSLY? At one point, I thought he would say bring back Jenny, but no he sends both of them packing... I also thought maybe he'd choose Chris Harrison, but no, not that either, it figures. The women of the world waste their lives EVERY Monday to see who would get a rose, only to be let down in the end. Boo.

High School Musical [The Ice Tour]

On Saturday I "Bop Bop Bop-ed, Up to the Top" and "Got My Head in the Game" with my family at the High School Musical [The Ice Tour] in Salt Lake City. Am I embarrassed? Not in the least! Would I do it again? Without hesitation...It was awesome!

This is the Final Countdown...Black Friday!

A week from today is Black Friday, I don't know why I participate in such things, I don't have children and I hardly ever buy anything...but something draws me there. I am pretty sure it is the crazy-ness that comes out of people, they are truly at their worst when it comes to the day-after Thanksgiving shopping, especially the old ladies at Jo-Anns and I love it!! See ya there!

It Was Meant To Be...

I am a complete gamer! I love to enter all sorts of contests, my junk-mail folder can vowge for me on this one... but I found this cute holiday contest where you can enter to win these cute 12 days of Christmas Plates from Rosanna. You just go to this blog here for all of the information... and you can also check out all of the cool ideas the blog has for decorating and enter some of the other contests.

**Also, I have recently been inspired to divulge 12 Days of Confessions before Christmas in order to get on Santa's goodside, they will be good, just you wait.

A Birthday Success! [Yesterday]

Well ok, I forgot the 2 candle and then I broke the 8... but all in all it was a success!

Thanks to all who participated in person, phone calls, or spirit!!

**Also, thanks to Nan for taking pictures on her iPhone!

Sharing My Secrets, Or Something Along Those Lines...

I am feeling quite Techno-Savy lately... or I must because it's all I've posted about. But here's a fun new thing that will change the picture next to your blog address/URL... Mine is picture to the left...DW=Donswife! But ok you go to this website http://www.myfavatar.com/ and sign-up and then post a picture that you would like to be your picture, then enter in your blog info and last post this little bit of code into your blog HTML...

**Just kidding it won't let me post the HTML code without doing something weird... so if you do the above and want the rest of the instructions, let me know and I will e-mail them to you... THANKS!

**So much for the Techno-Savyness in me!! Ha!

Google Reader

For anyone who doesn't know just how amazing Google really is, let me tell you. They have this newer thing out, or maybe I just never knew about it, called Google Reader. And if you are addicted to blogs like me it will make your life 10x easier!! You just go to http://www.reader.google.com/ and sign in with your Gmail account and then you can 'subscribe' to your favorite blogs, or if you are like me every blog you come in contact with. You just type in the URLs and then when the blogs are updated it will let you know next time you log in. Amazing, huh?
I love it!!

Will It Blend?

Yesterday for a thing at school I went to this Viral Marketing presentation from a Utah-based company called Blendtech. I won't bore you with all the logistics but it was awesome. The company started out small and had no money for advertising so they used YouTube and other things like it to get their message out. They did these segments called "Will it Blend?" Which basically they took all sorts of random things and blended them... the speaker was going to blend a rake at the end of the presentation, but I had to leave early to go to class, boo. So later I went to YouTube and found this video of them blending an iPhone, the guy at the presentation told us they sold the blended iPhone on e-Bay for $1,000... crazy huh?

P.S. Sadly the guy in the video above was not the featured speaker!

Happy Voting...

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