Apostrophy Designs: July 2010

Apostrophy Designs @ Artisan Fair

Catch me at the Artisian Fair in Bountiful this Saturday from 9am-7pm, @ Gallery Photography, 57 E. 400 S. Bountiful, UT.
I'll be showcasing my newest item Zipper EARRINGS! :)

If you aren't able to make it down you can pick some Zipper Earrings up at the Violet Boutique here in Logan.

Youer Than You

I am so thankful for Bergs spark and ever emerging personality.

I had an eye-opener of a week and it just made me thankful for the small and simple things in my life.

It wasn't things that affected me directly, but still enough it got me thinking...

I am also thankful for Coca~Cola. Apparently Bergs is too.

Look Out Baby

'Cause here we come AMERICAN IDOL...

My sister Sals watched Bergs for me one day and snapped this picture...la la love it!

Too bad Simon is going to miss this upcoming DIVA!

Berg has started dancing and singing lately and it cracks me up...

Words to Live By

I used to be quite the quote collector...I even had a little notebook where I would jot down all of my favorites.

As few years ago I went through a big purge of all clutter and I'm pretty sure I threw it away.


But I want to start up another collection, but I'm bring it online... so I hope you enjoy!

We had some awesome talks today in church about a talk Elder Uchtdor gave called "Your Happily Ever After."

It was truly something that I needed to be reminded of and something that I hope Bergs will strive for!

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I hate to be a major complainer...

But our sleeping has been pretty lousy this past week.

 It appears that Summer may have killed our sleeping routine.

Combine that with a newly found attitude...

 And you get a party at 3 or 4:30 in the morning!

I have started dreading night time, and yet here I am in Blog-land, Ugh.

Maybe Bergs sleep issues have to do with the fact that she keeps kicking herself in the face while trying to go nigh-nigh?

Or not...any ideas? Suggestions? Offers for sleepovers?

Apostrophy Designs + Violet Hill Boutique

So excited for the grand opening tomorrow! They are located across the street from Fred Meyer in Logan.

Come and buy some super cute things (along with some Zipper Flower accessories!)

See you there!

My {Golden} Girls

If you aren't all that familiar with Logan, there is a very nice group of mature adults who travel up here from Arizona during the summer.

They and many others refer to them as the Sunbirds.

I bumped into quite a few of these nice ladies at the Summerfest and one of them asked if I would be willing to do a class of some sort for them.

So a few days ago I got together with these fine ladies and we made rings and pins and laughed a lot.

The next day, I dropped something off and they invited me in for drinks and to play cards, some of you may laugh given my love for all things grandmotherly, but I really wanted to stay and play cards...

(They even had bridge mix!)

Oh well, I look forward to planning something fun with them next summer!

My Girls

We see some more than others, but when we get together there is no denying that we have a ton of fun!

Day at the Beach

This was Bergs FIRST official day at the beach...

So we got all dressed up for the BIG event.

We had a swim suit photo shoot, because every diva should get their day in the sun...

Then we headed to the beach, it was a very busy day but we finally found the perfect spot.

We set up camp...

We investigated the sand...

(Bergs even ate a whole mouthful and barfed)

We made sure we had on lots of sunscreen...

We took in the scenery and relaxed...

And really enjoyed our first time {ever} at the beach!

Cabin Feva'

We went up to the Clark cabin at Bear Lake... this time was especially fun because the weather was oh-so perfect!

My dream house includes a deck with room for everyone, and the cabin doesn't disappoint!

I'm sure we spent just as much time out there as anywhere else!

 Here's Bergs & Jado with grandma.

 These two kept cracking me up with how well they played together.

Plus, who doesn't love a water gun?

Stick 'em up partner!

 Bergs is very concerned that I'm taking too many pictures and not enjoying the deck...

I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE had fun!

Friday Night Lights

Friday was the night that our city did their fireworks.

First we attended a BBQ at the in-law's, and then decided to brave the fireworks at the Stadium
(not knowing how Bergs would react to them)

But she love them!

She even pointed at them and said "cute"!

This picture went awry but I still love it, if you can't tell Don and Bergs are snuggling (For a brief moment per Bergs usual)

But nice none the less!

Wahoo for fireworks, Part I!

P.S. Anyone watching the TV Show Friday Night Lights? I just love it.

{Party} In The USA!

We had quite the rock star fourth of July weekend...

So much in fact, I think I took too many pictures for just one post...

Did I mention we are all exhausted?

I'll be back with pictures hopefully everyday this weekend re-hashing every wonderful detail!

Hope you had a good fourth of July weekend.

Workin' For The Weekend!

I hope you have a good weekend filled with lots of fireworks and hamburgers...

We have got a lot of F-U-N planned, so I will be back next week with some pictures!

Also, I am finally getting caught up on orders and will hopefully stock-up my shop sometime next week.

Stay T-U-N-E-D!
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