Apostrophy Designs: November 2010

"They Say It's Your Birthday" Giveaway!

Well it's my Birthday too!

Remember how I share my special with this guy? Troy?? Well I wouldn't have it any other way! He's not only a great brother but now he's a husband and a father! Love ya bro!

Since I got everything I wanted for my Birthday (and more!) I want to give one lucky someone, $25 DOLLARS FOR APOSTROPHY DESIGNS ACCESSORIES OF THEIR CHOICE!

That's right folks just in time for the HOLIDAYS! You can use the money on someone else or just be GREEDY and keep it ALL for yourself!

I will not judge :)

Just leave ONE comment here telling me what you would do with the money and be entered for the fabulous Birthday Giveaway!

I am taking off for the rest of the week and will be back to announce a winner on Monday December 6!


Thankful For: Bergalicious

I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for this little girl.

I think every stage of her life is my favorite.

Every song she sings.

Face she pulls.

Dance moves she shakes.

Words she says.

Mimics she does.

She's just perfect.

And I'm thankful she's my baby girl!

(And in case you don't believe me about her amazing dance skills...)


Both Don and I wear glasses in the mornings when we wake up.

Lately Bergs has caught on to us wearing glasses and wanted some of her own...

She watched a whole episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in them this morning.

The only downfall is that I've had a hard time documenting her in them...

She wants to see what we are taking a picture of instead of being the object in the picture, kinda frustrating considering all the fun stuff she does now!

Oh well at least she likes Photobooth.

Also, we decorated our house today for Christmas (more than in shown).

I am excited for the Holiday season aren't you?

Carol's Pillowcase Tutorial

I recently made Bergs a cute pillowcase for her bed (she still isn't sure about using it, any tips?)

But I learned a neat trick from a neighbor, Carol, that I thought I would share with you in case anyone might be looking to make a pillowcase this Holiday season.

-3/4 yard of main color
-1/4 yard of banding color
-ric rac trim in coordinating color

I would trim the pieces down to 27" X 42" and 9" x 42" respectively depending on the size of your pillow.

Pin the banding with right sides together to main color with ric rac between.

Open up your pillow and begin rolling the main color toward the banding.

Roll it all the way until you can wrap the banding around the main color.

Pin the banding around the rolled up main color and ric rac and sew along the edge.

Pull the main color out of the banding and iron.

Your band should have a finished look along both inside and outside of the pillow.

Fold with right sides together and finish pillowcase.

Such a fun and easy way to make a pillow, don't you think?

While I was sewing...

This is Bergs friend "punkin", she has to kiss him most mornings before we leave the house.

I believe she is trying to feed him a ba-ba and some crackers while I was sewing...she's so motherly!

Linked here:
handmade projects

Weekend Re-Cap

The boutique was a lot of fun! It's was great to spend time with my sister-in-law and see many of my friends and make some new ones!

Because the boutique was on Don's birthday we had to spread his birthday over a few days.

But I don't think he or Bergs minded one bit.

He may be 31, but he still fits in with the kids!

It was fun to see Bergs get involved with everything from singing and blowing out candles to unwrapping presents and giving them to daddy.

I just got really excited for Christmas!

Happy [31st} Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet husby!! He's so good to us and we love him lots!

And finally!

Just got back setting up, it's going to be so much fun at the Logan Gift Boutique! THE FIRST FIVE PEOPLE TO COME AND TELL ME THEY SAW ME ON MY BLOG WILL GET A FREE PAIR OF EARRINGS...everyone else will just have to settle for candy, hope see you there!

Bangles, Bangles, Bangles

Did I mention there will be zipper flower Bangles at the Logan Gift Show??

Loads of them in the kid variety.

And loads of the adult variety, including some of my latest creations below:

These are really few in number, so if you are interested in one let me know!

Silver & Gold

Lately this little lady has been so polite.

She asks "please" and says "thank you mommy" in the sweetest tender voice, that I don't think I've said "no" to her all week!

I would probably give her the world...ha ha!

Which got me thinking of something fun and new for the boutique coming up and I came up with...

SILVER and GOLD zipper flower headbands! Perfect for YOUR someone that deserves the 'WORLD'.

(Or a my friend Delia greatly put it, some Christmas BLING!)

I'll put some up in the shop next week, but if you are in town come pick so up at the Logan Gift Show.

Bangle Band Watches

One of the latest 'creations' round these parts are some Bangle Band Watches.

They make me smile, I hope you like them too!

There are only a select number that will be for SALE this WEEKEND, so hussle on over to the Logan Gift Show and pick some up!

P.S. Bergs loves to have her pictures taken as I am taking some 'inventory pictures', this gives you a glimpse into what I give her to entertain her... my mother would probably if she saw my little orphan on my blog... ha ha, I love her anyways--sticky face and all!!

The Logan Gift Show

I will be at the Logan Gift Show this weekend with a ton of great gifts for Christmas!

It's Friday & Saturday here in Logan at the Riverwoods Hotel (on the south end of town) from 10 am - 7pm.

Admission is $2 and there is a kids craft area to entertain your little ones!

If you are planning on coming let me know and I can get you BOGO on your admission.

I'll be posting some sneaks peeks all week long of what I'll have...I'm excited, are you???


It came, it went.....we loved every minute of it!

Internet is Back

Our Internet is back up and running, but I'm going to spend some time with my two favorite people instead of blogging!

Have a good weekend!

P.S. I sure love finding pictures like this on my computer.


Still without Internet! (at our residence)

Boy it feels like I lost an arm or something, isn't that sad?

I took my computer up to my mom's house today and logged into Google Reader, there are over 400 new things to read.

I logged out.

Dang you squirrels.

Dang you comcast.

They have ruined me, hopefully I'll be back soon.
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