Apostrophy Designs: June 2010

Forever in Blue Jeans

What do we girls do when we get together? We like to craft and do all kinds of girly stuff (and eat brownies)!

Today we did some refashioning of pants (poor hadley kept wanting whatever we were done to her pants, but seeing how we were re-working old ones I didn't want to ruin her already cute-ish ones)

This is Brooklyn and even though pink isn't her favorite color she wanted something colorful and bold (just like her!)

So we dove into some scraps and this is what we came up with...

She wasn't so sure at first but once we added stuff onto the packets, including my favorite a zipper flower,
she was in LOVE with them!

Next, Brinlee's skinny jeans...she likes her jeans tight and didn't want to make them baggy so we kept the jean length longer and made them more grown up (because she is a year and half older than her sister ;))

Again I totally love the zipper flower on the back pockets.

So much fun!!

In all fairness today we also deep-fried all sorts of things** to entertain the boys
(Did I mention we had a house full of kids today? I guess that's what summer brings...I'm not complaining because it's fun.)

**Using pancake batter, we made onion rings, southern pickles, cheese sticks, bracken's doritos, and even tried some chocolate...really tasty if you ask me.

Sure Do...


(dress from Target, gotta love that place!)


Look what Don did for Bergs today...

She got her very own swing in our backyard...

Despite her occasional motion sickness, she really enjoyed herself!

I mostly like that it adds a 'pop' of color to our backyard...

When we were done, Bergs wanted to listen to her daddy's music...

She also likes to make sure Daddy gets a turn as well...

These Days...

We really like to climb underneath the bathroom sink...

(don't worry there is nothing toxic down there except shampoo)

We spend our days mostly like this...

Watching cars/people/themailman/doggies as they pass by our front door...

I have been waiting patiently for more Zippering Supplies...

I have a lot of orders to fill, and even though I am enjoy a bit of a "break", I still get anxious...

Could it be the mail man bringing our stuff today?

No, it's daddy!


P.S. If you haven't gotten a custom order sent to me but are interested in a Zipper Flower Bracelet (they are already going fast) send me an e-mail torijoandersen(at)gmail.com and let me know your color choice.


Summerfest 2010

Here is my brief re-cap of the 2010 Logan Summerfest...

A lot happened in a three day span, just know I loved EVERY minute of it!
(well except the sickness that followed, but I'm coming back next year!)

Here is a quick shot of the booth...

I was lucky to have such cute helpers/models...

They made everything more enjoyable and much to their mothers' surprise they were more help than trouble! :)

The zipper flower bangles, bracelets, cuffs, whathaveyou...

I had nearly 50 of these to start and was completely out by noon on Friday!

I'll let you know when I have more again, but I couldn't be more stoked as to the love they are receiving...

Summerfest gave me the opportunity to see a lot of friendly faces.

This is my tiny, cutest model ever, Brooklyn (Jr.)....JUST LOVE HER!

Thanks to ALL my visitors, it was fun to see you and you...

I really enjoyed getting to know the other vendors.

At one point we traded accessories for a giant bag of kettle corn as tall as Brooklyn!

Oh, the delicious kettle corn...
Oh yeah, Bergs enjoyed herself too!

Thanks to a wonderful support team of Adam, sistas (including sister in laws) and friends...

You made it worth it!

[Speaking of I was also quoted for another local article about Summerfest HERE.]

Exhausted, Summerfest, Cache Magazine, Etc...

I am exhausted from the Summerfest, but I wanted to let you know I was featured in the Herald Journal: Cache Magazine (the local newspaper) yesterday.

I am excited and honored to have my "zippy" creations featured!

I'll be back with more details of EVERYTHING...

Summerfest -- Zipper Flower Rings

Will be at the Summerfest and mucho more!

All this blogging has worn me out...if I don't see you this weekend, catch ya next week!

Summerfest -- Zipper Flower Necklaces

There will be a variety of necklaces, along with this cute helper at the Summerfest!

Summerfest -- Zipper Flower Headbands

You betcha...

Zipper flower headbands will make their appearance as well!
(This isn't even half the stash...so many summer colors to choose from!)

Summerfest -- Zipper Flower Bangles

A little birdie told me there will be Zipper Flower Bangles at the Summerfest...

I'm just sayin'.

My Baby's Baby -- Ruby

I'm officially a Grandma...Bugs has entered the relm of babies!

You can imagine my proud mom moment as we were driving and I turned around to find her feeding "Ruby"
(aka Cabbage Patch fairy).

I figured I must be such a great mom if she is picking up on all of these things, and then she threw the baby
(I don't take credit for that!)

Speaking of, she sure likes trying on all of my garb that we've made for the Summerfest.

Which I will have you know is all packed an ready to go...

I have some sneak peeks coming up everyday until the Summerfest...
but everything in cuter in person so you will just have to come find me there!

Apostrophy @ Logan Summerfest

Come and visit Apostrophy Designs one week from today and the Logan Summerfest Arts Faire!

Adam + Tori

Can't wait to see what five more bring!

Tutorial Tuesday: Sewing Cards

This picture is almost a year old, but these are baby shower invites I made for my friend Kat's baby shower.

I love to find little ways to sew just about anything...I sure just love how these turned out.

In fact I loved them so much, I made them as thank-you's after Bergen was born.

They were pretty simple, I just used a circle (bottom of a glass) as my template and then glued the fabric to cardstock with fabric glue.

Then I add some stitches here and there as I felt were needed and then glued on some buttons with hot glue.

Enjoy, if you sew any cards anytime soon, I'd love to see them! :)
{I can't take credit for the design itself I saw it someone online and can't remember...so if you happen to know where it's from let me know! Thanks!}


A Case of the Sickies

Lately we've had a case of the sickies/teething/feverish-ness...

In a way I don't really mind it because we get a snugglier version of Bergs, if only for a bit.

O-R-E-O Cooking Spree

My talents by no means encompass cooking, however I like to think there are a few things that I can bake
(and may be known for through out the streets of Northern Utah).

Ok if not on the streets, atleast at the Denning family parties...


Now I've mention them before, and I know I didn't invent them by any means...but there is a secret trick associated with making them and it's CREAM CHEESE FROSTING.

You can make homeade frosting or store bought, either way you will leave them wanting more...

Have a delicious weekend!

(If you do make some try replacing the oil with apple sauce and store them in a container with bread to keep them soft and moist)

She's My Baby...

and (after 15 months of rigorous preparation) SHE IS WALK-ING!

Here comes trouble, wish us luck.

Tutorial Tuesday: Fishtail Braid

One of my favorite quick braids to do it a fishtail braid...

It is so super simple and quick, but it can also spice up the average hair-do!
Take your ponytail and divide it in half, and bring small strands from each section, alternating overlapping them in the middle. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Enjoy! :)

(I had a different tutorial lined up for today but I broke the needle of my sewing mach (hate when that happens) so bare with me on the braid, I know it's pretty simple...but fundamentals are the building blocks of FUN...name the movie, ok bye!)

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