Apostrophy Designs: May 2009

Barbie Girl, Baseball Boy...

It was my sister Tami's two youngest kids' birthday on Saturday, twins Haiden & Hadley. 

My nephew Tyson also shares a birthday with them but was really lucky and got to spend the day at Disneyland!!

My niece Brinlee [who likes to bake desserts with me, it's all the cooking I do] helped me make Haiden a baseball cake and then Hadley a Barbie cake.

We ran out of frosting and so we improvised by using Kool-aid and licorice...

All in all it was a stand out day, we enjoyed ourselves immensely!

Check Tami's Blog HERE for more pictures, that is if she hasn't given up on this blogging thing!


I think I spoke too soon in regards to our sewage.

They are digging up more road as I type.

Memorial Day and Then Some

We have been having lots of fun lately with the sun shining and all...lots of parks, friends and fun! 

I especially love these pictures of Bergen with cousin Bella. 

Bella just happens to be one of the biggest fans of Bergen, mostly of her hair...

They'll be best buds I can tell already!

Also we finished our project...

And from what you can tell we got a new swimming pool!

Gee, I wish that's what it was, but...

Our sewer kept backing-up in our basement (through the shower!)

Not necessarily bad for us, felt bad for the renters though...

Because it happened more than 4 times in a calendar year, we decided it needed to be replaced.

And thus a big hole was dug.

Then filled, with dead grass needing to be rescued.

In all honesty, it looks worse than it really was.

In fact, if I were a rich woman, I'd replace the sewer pipe annually.

Joking, but at least we can breath easier now that it's all done!

In Her Shoes

You may have thought I was joking when I was talking about this & this...

But let the pictures be proof enough...

I went and bought me some Heelarious Heels.

I wish they were for me, but my size they are not.

It's ok, Bergen seems to like them just as much as I do.

Isn't she the best? I may just have to buy her the BOOTS too!

She's This Big

Three months that is (today), and Bergen isn't shy when it comes to letting you know how big she really is.

I am glad I decided to do this growth chart because it has been fun to look back at the previous photo shoots and see just how much she really has changed.

We don't go to the doctor this month so I don't know how much she weighs, but guessing by the size her thighs she's 14 pounds!

[It's also my SIL Jill's Birthday today, Happy Birthday Jill!]

I Looked Out The Window

And what did I see?

A big backhoe ready to dig up our yard/street!

More pictures and info to come...hopefully when it's all done!

Was Lost But Then I Found...

When I was first new at the mom thing, I am embarrassed to admit that I would go 5 [or so] days without washing my hair**.

I know, I know!

Now I am a changed woman.

My baby is 3 months and that makes me a veteran at this mom stuff right?

I may still go a day or two [or 5**] without washing my hair but now I do it without shame.

And it is all thanks to a little something called Big Sexyhair Volumizing Dry Hair Shampoo...

It tends flake a bit so I just use it underneath and then brush it out.

Best thing to happen to me since ROOTBEER.

[That and my sweet little family.]

**Let it be known, I shower daily...

Playing Ketch-up

Things have been busy around these parts:

Bergen got her toe nails painted for the first time (thanks Aunt Sals!)

My younger brother, The Ninja, graduated from college.

Look at all the bling...he's that smart!

Bergen showed her support by wearing this to graduation.

A shot of the Ninja's support group aka family.

Did I mentioned it rained most of the day?

I have also been enjoying my time as a Mom.

And with such a sweet girl, who wouldn't?

We also celebrated my first Mother's Day.

It came and went perfectly...

Well once I helped Don realize the he got Bergen dressed backwards!

I feel I have barely scratched the surface on this whole Motherhood thing.

It is so neat and intimidating at the same time.

But thankfully I have many great examples of Mothers in my life.

They make me anxious to experience all the wonders of Motherhood.

[Belated] Happy Mother's Day!

[Don's Mom]

[My Mom]

We love you guys!

Bergen's Blessing

We blessed our Bergen Bug today.

Adam did a really good job with the verbage.

Bergen slept most of the day.

Boy am I one lucky lady!

Did I mention since my post she's been sleeping A LOT better?

(Maybe all it took was a mild pleading, thanks for all your advice)

Ok, isn't she the sweetest?

My Mom made her dress and matching blanket.

My friend Katie made her awesome bracelet.

And I made the coordinating hair flower.

We are lucky to have such an amazing support group from everyone.

We love you guys, thanks a bunch!
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