Apostrophy Designs: January 2008

A Jazz Fan, Am I...

Usually on a snowy winter evening I would curse the snow as it continued to come down. However, tonight I watched it snow while sitting in a quant coffee shop and listened to a pick-up Jazz Jam session. It all started this semester with my History of Jazz class, it was all fun and games at first until I realized that I really enjoy listening to the different types of Jazz. As part of the class, we are required to go to an alloted number of shows and after tonight I think I will attend the other two with a smile on my face and some toe-tapping to accompany it.

**Ok minor confession, I enjoyed it so much because of the huge cups of coffee that people were drinking, they reminded me of my favorite movie, So I Married An Axe Murderer. At one point between sets I found myself unconsciously humming... "Woman, Wo-man, Wooooman" It thrilled me so much that immediate when I got home I looked up the clip so I could enjoy it even more! 

(Next time I will get me a GIANT cup of hot chocolate!)

I love this movie so much that I used to memorize all of the quotes from it... I am pretty proud to say that I still had most of this Beat Poem memorized, oh what a dork I am! But if you have seen it, or seen it in awhile watch it! It'll be a great thing to do if your snowed in!

I Want One...


Well, atleast these pictures make me think so, kind of! No really, I just thought I would post some of these cute photos and then brag about her... Her and I are destined to be buds because she inherited my middle name Jo, which comes from my mother's name Joyce.
And with that an instant connection was made, BFF's!

[Credits: HERE]

Praise To The Man!

As many of you know, yesterday Gordon B. Hinckley, leader of the LDS Church, passed away. What an amazing example his life was of service, love and true faith! He was such a cute man and I am thankful to have been alive during the time he was a Prophet.

A few things about Gordon B. Hinckley:

-He traveled to 60 countries and dedicated 95 of the LDS 124 temples, some on sites that he himself had surveyed and selected.

-He gave news conferences and was the first church president to sit for interviews on “60 Minutes” and “Larry King Live.”

-To emphasize its commonality with other churches, he changed the church’s logo, making the words “Jesus Christ” in the church’s name much larger than “Latter-day Saints.”

-He arranged to make the church’s huge library of genealogical records publicly available on the Internet.

-In Mr. Hinckley’s term, the church grew to count more than 12 million members worldwide — more than the largest Lutheran denomination.

-President Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004.


I got tagged awhile ago by my sister-in-law... but I don't really like gushing about myself [it feels soo informal, like a first date]. So I thought I would just share a couple of blogs that I love right now... I'll Call It My Top 3 Blogs I Can't Live Without [seriously]...

1-Kerflop - This is my MOST favoritist blog right now! It all started when I read this post, where she revisited her yearbooks of past [she scribbled people out, I know we all have!] and shared stories of old, along with looking some of them up now!! Today there was another good one about online dating... For a good time, frequently visit here.

2-A Little Sussy - She is a photographer who takes fabulous pictures, and always posts fun, beautiful things! She teaches photography classes and is currently doing a Garden Swap [never participated before but it sounds kinda fun].

3- Meg's Diary [Meg Cabot] - I don't know how I found this blog, but this blog had me at the excitment of getting one of her books banned from a public school! She is the author of the Princess Diaries and other books. Her most recent post was on "Why Tim Riggins Didn't Ask You Out" [a very educational look at why your crush in High School never asked you out]. Now it just all makes sense!

I Have Taken Offense!

I can't believe HE would come to Salt Lake and not CALL me, it's like New York never happened!


A Little Personal...


FOR SALE, 2 cars:

VW Passat & Mazda 626 - fully loaded with jerky motions, bald tires,
continuous beeping, a tape deck, a trunk that doesn't shut, a missing seat belt
and a flat tire.

*If you are in need of an adventure or are dying to borrow your
parent's car for a week, these are the cars for you!

[Just don't leave home without your cell phone!]

I Feel Greeeeeat!

Well that's an over statement, it's not that I feel lousy or anything remotely like that... I am just busy with school starting to pick up and can't quite get my head in gear! I saw this video on YouTube awhile back and in the midst of this blah month of January it helped me Feeeel Greeeat!

I Want...

[In my Entry Way, thanks for the idea Design Mom]

Hey you, guy at Lowe's...


Maybe you should think twice before you tell someone
Crown Molding isn't for amateurs...

[Boo Yeah!]

*frame from [Little Dreamer Designs]

Isabella Hall

My sister Traci had her baby girl on Sunday January 13th [4 weeks early]. All of my sisters and my mom got to be there when little Izzy was born and what a neat experience it was [Traci made it look soo easy!] She is cute and I can tell her and I will be good, good friends one day!


I Booyeah'd…

FIVE times out loud
Atleast TWENTY in my head
THREE more quietly
And FOUR written on paper
All before TWO-THIRTY
DON told me my LIMIT for the day, was TWO...
{I just booyeah'd ONE label!}

In a recent discussion of my obession with the word booyeah, Don told me not only do I use it too much but I have started to use booyeah out of context. So as I headed to work today I began to count.

Houston, I have a problem!

Tell me I am not alone...What's your word-problem?

Back in the Old Swing of Things...

School, I mean. Well, it started yesterday with a night class... [actually the class I am most looking forward to], followed by a slew of classes today. Normally on any other snowy school day I would talk myself into not getting out of bed, but I am at the start of my last semester! And so it is ... every snow-filled day is one more toward that 'diploma in the sky'.

**Also, today is a monumental day, of someone dear to my heart ...

Happy Birthday of Elvis!!

[Cake from Kakes by Karen, LLC]

Abosolutely Dreadful!

Now, I hope the rest of the wives out there will pay close attention to this and take note...the Dreaded Man Cold is out there, ready to strike at any moment...We NEED to be prepared!

Some Forgotten Things...

Not really Forgotten Things, mostly because I had them ready to go and I forgot to post! Last Sunday we got to recelebrate Christmas with Adam's Dad & Gina. We hosted the shindig at our place [which was a squeeze for 9 people] and it was a lot of fun!! Here's a couple of the pictures we took ...


And then, my favorite part, Aaron put on Ashley's boots... I was going to put it with the ones above but it cut off the boots, it's the newest 'thing' for men.

One more thing... Last night, I was watching Biggest Loser:Couples Edition, and decided that this is going to be my new favorite TV show... I'm pulling for the Pink Team, they are a mother-daughter combo. Most couple combine weight over 500+ pounds... I can't wait to see the 'after' pictures!

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