Apostrophy Designs: Workin' For The Weekend...

Workin' For The Weekend...

I can't believe it is the weekend already! Wahoo! Here's a taste of what happened last weekend...my niece Hadley jealous of newer niece Bella and wanting to sit in the swing + first soccer game for my nephew Davis.


Oh, ya.

Also, our newest adventure is a kitchen make-over, so far we've only done some of the cabinets... but Adam & his bro Aaaron took of the countertops last night.


[a week or so with out a sink, what are we thinking?]

[Credits HERE]


Katie said...

I can't wait to see the finished product:) You are so creative. I love those cabinets. That's kind of what our bathroom ones look like. I love that look

Leslie said...

Ohhh you're a good photographer Towee. Way cute pictures of Bella and Davis!

TamiJenson said...

Cute pic of sis.. was that off of my camera? i never asked if you sent the pics to amy or not.. your cabinets are going to look awesome. luv ya sis

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