Apostrophy Designs: May 2011

Memorial Day 2011

This year we made our annual bike ride up to the Logan Cemetery to deliver our flowers (Ok, the pregnant lady drove).

Only this year was a completely different experience.

I had a lady ask me a few weeks ago "how my life has changed since my Mom passed away" (exact phrasing...) and I was pretty bitter at the time that she nor no one comprehended how things have changed.

I hate changed, have I ever mentioned that?

My Mom was not only my Mom she was my best friend. I used to go up there almost everyday, I know it sounds extreme and out of the ordinary, but it's what we ALL did, I'm pretty sure we'd ALL do it AGAIN.

My life has changed immensely, but I'm not bitter.

And though I wish for a happier change, I believe in something bigger than myself. I'm thankful for that knowledge and can't imagine going through life thinking any different.

These guys are pretty amazing too...

My parents had seven children (one of them was having fun at Disneyland...) and I wish I could tell you how amazing each of them are!

In my mom's life history, which she wrote when she had just gotten married, she had mentioned several times that she wanted a big family to celebrate Holidays and go on family trips.

My Mom had a special way of making us feel like we were special, which can be trying with 7 children. But we did them all, celebrate, family trips, big christmas' and it's because of her that we are all great individuals with cute little families of our own. 

What a sweet legacy she left! 

What a neat lady she was, I love and miss her very much.

{P.S. My Dad is pretty great too, more on him soon...}

TUTORIAL: Summer Pinwheel Necklace

Remember how I was telling you about the Color Your Summer Series over at Delia Creates and Kojodesigns?

Well as part of their series they did a contest and I submitted a Summer Pinwheel Necklace... and even though I didn't win, I got an awesome shout out over at Kojodesigns for my use of the whole rainbow of color...

I really liked how this project turned out and am excited to share it with you...

My mom always loved pinwheels and quite frankly I don't think it feels like Summer without them (even thought we've had a hard time knowing what Summer feels like in Utah anyway!)

 For this necklace I grabbed some felt sheets from Hobby Lobby 4 for a 1.00, along with some coordinating ribbon.

Be sure to clean your mirrors before you attempt to take picture like this...eek! 

Be careful while making pinwheels, you will find you can't stop...the possibilties are endless.

(Hint, hint, I have a few more projects involving pinwheels to show you!)

Be sure to bounce back over to Kojo Designs and Delia Creates for the other awesome Color Your Summer Projects!

One Month To Win It (ALL!)

I have some more exciting news, I'm going to participate in another blog contest called "One Month To Win It".

The contest starts on Monday and I have been slaving away on my current project...can't wait to show you what I have in store.

In the meantime they posted the bio's of the ladies participating and can I say the competition looks pretty tough, I just hope I have what it takes to WIN IT! Or atleast make it passed the first round.

*I have to admit I'm struggling to find decent headshots of myself...ha ha! Maybe because I'm not super photogenic, I will try to work on that.

**I'll keep you posted as the crafts are posted.

With or Without You

Last night we attended the U2 concert. It was an experience of a lifetime, and over a year in the making...

We had tickets last year, but they postponed the concert because Bono hurt his back. So finally after all this waiting we got to go to the concert.

It was totally worth the wait.

All last week I was dreading the concert because it was supposed to rain. Luckily it wasn't too cold and the sun came out for a bit.

One thing I am realizing though, I don't know if it's the pregnancy or what, but I may be getting too old to stand at a concert. Here's to hoping it's the pregnant thing...

Speaking of pregnancies and concerts, check out this concidence...

I like to expose my babies to good music at early ages...what can I say??

{Even though much to Don's dismay, Bergalicious currently has Bieber Fever.}

Going to a concert with a pregnant belly is quite the experience, I think this baby girl is definitely a U2 fan!

Pamela 2: The Sequel

It's another girl!

So I'm lame, we found out last Wednesday but things have been crazy ever since.

First, we got lame pictures/news in our first attempt and I kinda turned into Debbie Downer from then on...

First attempt?? I know. 

You see I have funny blood and it gave us a scare last Wednesday. It was/is complicated...

But, today is Monday and it's a better day, because I got to see my baby girl again for a second attempt and get better pictures of her (even though she was quite snuggly) and things look good for now.

Only I shouldn't have married my cousin...ok, that's not true. 

I love my Donnie...and we are really not cousins. I swear!

Here's our snuggly baby sista. ("Comin' Halloween!" says Bergs)



Anyways, now we are really excited!!

I have lots of cute baby projects and ideas a brewing...can't wait to show you what we are up too!

Exit Interview SYTYC

Here is my exit interview for SYTYC... seriously loved my experience there. If you are crafty at all, you should audition, it was a blast!

Huge thanks again to Missy and everyone who voted for me! :)

1.Tell us a little about you and your blog.
I orignally started my blog as a challenge from a sister in law who was living a few states away. A few months later we purchased a Duplex and began renovating it, so then I began pumping up our blog with our renovations and other fun projects along the way. I have always loved making things and so I also began sharing some of that stuff on there as well. At first I called it My Life As Donswife, for my husband Adam who I loving call by his middle name Don. I recently have changed the name to Apostrophy Designs to reflect my business and etsy shop.
2.How and when did you start crafting?
I have been crafting as long as I can remember. My grandma would teach me how to make prickly bushes into baskets when we would got camping and I also loved to string beads and her house while watching her quilt. My mother was quite the seamstress and I remember just waiting for her to start a project so I could gather up her scraps and fashion them into a dress for a doll or some sort of awkward purse.
3.How often do you craft?
Being a mom, it’s hard now to craft than before… but I consider my “me” time crafting and I try to have or complete some project during nap time at least once a week.
4.Where do you get your inspiration?
Right now I am addicted to pinterest, there are so many fun and inspirational aspects of it. I also love to look at athropolgie, because let’s face it everything they have is amazing and also very inspiring.
5.What is your favorite medium to work in?
I love to sew, whether it’s hand or machine. I’d put my glue gun down any day and pick up a needle!
6.What is your guilty pleasure?
On really bad days, I love to go hang out and the fabric store and just browse the aisles. However, I think it makes my husband have a bad day when he sees me come home with more fabric, I have a closets full.
7.What makes you smile?
I love a good stupid joke. I also love my family, we are very close and there is nothing better than sitting a talking to them.
8.What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?
I love reality TV. It’s almost bad to say but I have auditioned for a couple shows, and not made it…but AM SO EXCITED TO BE APART OF SYTYC because this is more reality than TV anyway!!

The Hive & Swap

I am going to be at Melissa's Hive Boutique on Thursday & my stuff will be there without me on Friday! I am really excited about this boutique and have been sewing like crazy for it. I will show off my left overs  after the boutique is over.

For the boutique Melissa is hosting a pre-giveaway on her blog... so if you are in the area and would like an extra incentive to stop by, go enter her giveaway! (http://hollyhocks-honeybees.blogspot.com/)

Also, Melissa was on Studio 5 recently for the 365 Swap they recently hosted! How exciting! We are doing something similar for our upcoming Enrichment on June 1st and I have been really excited for it ever since I saw the segment on Studio 5! Need an idea for a summer party or an fun activity with some friends, you should check it out. (http://hollyhocks-honeybees.blogspot.com/2011/05/studio-5-wrap-up.html)

**Sorry blogger's not letting me link to certain things

A Little Sunshine

There are moments in our life when times are cloudy {like the present} but I believe if we are patient, the clouds will part and a little bit of sun will shine down.

Early, early Saturday morning my sister Sals, gave birth to her sweet little baby girl, Layla. 

I, with my other sisters, got to be present for the birth. This seems weird to some people but I am glad that I am close enough with my sisters that we don't mind sharing the experience. 

There is nothing more sacred and special than the moment a sweet little angel enters into the world.

Layla is pure heaven, she is my little bit of sunshine.

Did I mention that I find out in a mere week, the gender of my baby? And then I'll be half way pregnant?

I'm itching to get making baby stuff, but in the mean time I'd had to scratch the itch...so here's a peek at what I've been up to...

It's amazing how close I feel to my Mom when I sew. 

Guess I'll be up to some more textile therapy the next little bit. I'll share what I come up with...

Mother's Day

 Mother's Day this year was more special because not only did I focus on my Mom who recently passed away, I focused on the Mother that I hope to be someday.

I think this poster from kikicreates and quote from good ol' abe, say it best...
For the funeral, it was my job to go through pictures and get some printed up to display. In the box of pictures, My mom had written several short notes and a longer life story about herself. It was fun to read that my Mom mentioned over and over how she wanted to have a big, fun family. She loved Holidays and wanted to celebrate them with her family and go on lots of family vacations.

Check, check, and check. My mom successfully did it all!

I was so proud of all of my siblings who stood up at the funeral and shared an account of our Mom. I was afraid we'd all end up talking about the same things. But I should've known better, my Mom did her very best to make us all feel special and share special moments with us. I hope I can do all of that for my family.

One thing I wish is that we would've taken more pictures together.  I had a hard time finding some of any of us with her through a specific period of time and it broke my heart. I wish I had more to cling to, but I do have many fond memories.

So with that in mind, I've decided to take more pictures with Bergen. Often times I think I look bad or feel fat, so I mostly snap a few of Don and Bergs. But I am going to resolve more to taking some of me in them too, for posterity sake.

Here are some we took tonight...

I love my Mom very much, she was one special lady.
And if you can't tell from all of swag, I am not the only one!

Penny For Some {Random} Thoughts

I had a lot of people ask me about the So You Think You're Crafty competition. I just wanted to let you know I had an absolute blast competing in the competition, but due to my family circumstances I decided to drop out as of last Monday morning.

I appreciate all the love and support of everyone voting and Missy was a sweetheart and said I was always welcome to come back and audition in the future... So who knows what will happen, I'm really excited for the ladies left in the competition and can't wait to see who will win! Go on over and cast your vote...

I was also lined up to participate as a guest crafter for the Color My Summer series over at the fabulous blog, Delia Creates. But unfortunately I also had to drop out, I have my supplies and if I can get around to it I will show you what I had cooked up... Can I just say how cute Delia is and that she has some fun crafts and crafters lined up. So go over to Delia Creates and give them some love...

I am barely making my way through funeral photos. It's hard to look at stuff, life just seems surreal. However I could make it through this section of pictures I tried to take of Bergen in this dress my Mom had made over 10 years ago for my niece, Brinlee. My Mom was one talented lady, remember how she made Bergen a gorgeous yellow dress for her Blessing Day?

I just happened upon the dress as I was going through clothes a few weeks ago. I am so thankful to have found it and that Bergen could show it off at the viewing on Wednesday night. She loved wearing the dress because it was purple and she thought she was a princess. 

 Here is a picture of all of the grandkids (minus cute Crew & Grady) as they practiced their song they sang at the funeral. They are such a sweet bunch, it's easy to see why their Grandma loved them so much!

Did I mention they had me in tears from the moment they stood up there? Oh sweet angels.

Tonight I quietly drove by my mom's grave or "Grandma's Place" as Bergen calls it. I thought she was sleeping but she woke up as I stopped and said "Give Grandma flowers and I tell her love you Grandma!"  I lost it.

I have been so used to seeing my Mom just about everyday when she was alive. We have visited the "her place" quite a bit since her funeral. I just had been thinking one of these days I would show up and the flowers might be gone...but my sister who had been on the same wave length went a picked up a flower windmill and let the kids put it in the ground. She would've loved it.

I am really sorry I am not good at responding to text messages, e-mails, or the like. But I really do appreciate all of the love and support we have received. I sure hope I can be the kind of friend to others, that have been there for me. Thanks more than words can say!
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