Apostrophy Designs: 2011


Thankful for friends and sweet surprises sent in the mail...

Brown Beverages

I am definitely thankful for this... The bigger, the better!!


Thankful for smiles and sweet noises, makes not sleeping totally worth it!


I dislike the cold but I am thankful for jackets, blankets and sweat pants!!

Birthday Boy

I am behind in posting this but I am thankful for this birthday boy/husband/daddio.... He's the best ever!!!


Thankful for the music and dance partners who go with it !

Creative Outlet

Even if I kill myself in the process (burns, smashed fingers, and all!)

My Dad

Such a good, patient, loving guy!

One Month

Can't believe it's been one month already! Love our little sister lots and lots!

Being A Mom

To these two lovelies...

Great Grandma

My mom's mom... 94 years old!


{the baby in them is cute too!}

Thankful for

Since I am a bad blogger but great picture taker I thought I would post pictures in November of what I am thankful for... With little or no words FOR A WHOLE MONTH!...

Don's Photos: Seattle Edition

Sorry it has taken me forever to finish blogging the rest of our pictures from our trip to Seattle, we had forgotten a normal camera and so we used Don's phone to take a lot of the pictures.

And then his phone got ran over by a golf cart...eek!

So after much anticipation, here's to playing catch-up when I should be sleeping!

Happy Due Date + One Week

Well I was excited today to take Dylan's first ever, 'watch her grow' picture!!

And of course, not much gets by BIG SISTER without her wanting to join in on the fun!!

Also, today was technically my due date, so Happy Due Date little sis, we love you lots!!

Baby, Oh Baby

So excited to show off our newest addition, Dylan Joyce.

We named her after my Mom, and it couldn't be more fitting! She was born with thick brown hair, just like Grandma Joyce had.

We are slowly adjusting to life, but couldn't be more in LOVE...

Can I also mention that Bergen is one heck of a big sister?

She has started naming all of her baby dolls DYLAN, too.

TWIG Winners!!

The winner of the necklace is... JAIME!

and the winner of the earrings is ALISON!


I will be contacting you both real soon to get mailing addresses, in the mean time I WILL BE HAVING A BABY...

Be back REEEEEAL soon!!

{This is for LINDS who said I needed to post more pregnant pictures!}


While at the Oh Sweet Sadie Boutique I was lucky enough to have one of the most clever, creative and talented neighbors, TWIG Creative.

I must admit I first saw them at Crafty Lake City and I've had a crush on their stuff ever since!!

I mean look at these wonderfully crafted Nest Chairs...

Their Wooden Cameras and anaPADS... and their colorful unique jewelry... I love everything they make!


TWIG is offering to giveaway and necklace to one lucky person and a pair of earrings to another lucky person, 2 WINNERS, YAH!

Simply leave a me comment on this post telling me what you like most about TWIG.

I will pick the TWO WINNERS next Thursday!

Gifts For Chicka

I have been exhausted lately, sheesh you'd think I was like ginormously pregnant or something...

Bergen is quite enthralled with my belly and Chicka and kept bringing her presents tonight as I caught up on TiVo.

According to Bergs, Chicka just needs books, blankets and shoes to survive... man I hope this parenting thing is that easy this time around!


Today my Mom and Dad would've been married for 43 years.

I am still in awe of how gorgeous my Mom was and how young and handsome my Dad was.

I can't help but think of a fun Girl's trip we took for their 40th Anniversary to Las Vegas to see Donnie and Marie {I know, it's a Utah-Mormon thing}.

But we had a lot of fun!!

I am thankful for lots of fun memories with my Mom and my family. She was a great example to me in so many ways and taught me a lot of life lessons. I am also so thankful for the knowledge that we can be forever a family.

Baby Sister, Chiiiiiiicka

We are getting close [t-minus 3 weeks] and ready for this new baby girl of ours to arrive.

However, sometimes my doctor says he will induce me a week early [as was the case with Bergs] and then the next I am looking great to go right to my due date....

I think it's the waiting game that gets to you the most, especially when I didn't really contract much with Bergs so every little thing is like "oh" and then its nothing really...

I am not meaning to complain by any means because I am really grateful to be FULL with CHILD, I think for those of you that know me really well can attest to the fact that I just REALLY cannot be kept waiting...

We took these pictures the other day and I love them for a couple reasons...

1- You can't see my swollen face... ha ha!

2- Bergen looks so grown up in these pictures and really she has grown up these last few weeks...

3- The last picture is Bergen half way through saying Baby Chiicka, which is the name she calls her baby sister.

3a- Speaking of names, we are out of luck and looking for a name, so if you have any ideas shoot them our way...

Oh how I love her, just like I will love this new baby [nameless/CHICKA] girl of ours!

apostrophy designs over @ Very Jane

This weekend my measuring tape watches are a featured deal over at veryjane.com, so snag one while you can!!

P.S. Have you ever used or visited Very Jane before? They have several awesome deals a day. You can even sign up and receive daily e-mails showing you the ongoing deals.

I have bought several deals from it and love using it. In fact I may be purchasing that Crochet pattern!

Bergalicious: As of Late

 I bought Bergen an Aggie 'Game Day' shirt the other day and for days she talked about Aggie State and going to the game.

I don't know if she even remembers Aggistate games from last year, but thankfully her dad didn't mind her tagging along with him to the first Aggie home football game last Saturday.

They won and it didn't rain,so it was a major plus'...wish I would've been there but I was down at Oh Sweet Sadie! (which was delightful, I will post on that later!)

 Also Bergalicious  started dancing yesterday...

 I was a little bit nervous, but she was just fine...

 In fact she loved it, I shouldn't have expected anything less!!

Her favorite part is that she is taking it with her bestest cousin Bella!

{Aren't the matching outfits cute too??}

Imperfect Pleated Pillow @ See Kate Sew

**I'm hugely pregnant and like to sit on the couch and eat ice cream instead of sewing!! Eek, so I thought I would share the pillow I made and shared over at See Kate Sew for her Pleat Weeks!

When Kate first asked me to be apart of Pleat Weeks, I was nervous because when I think of pleats I think of crisp and perfection. I know I am not always the perfect seamstress so I decided to use the imperfection to my advantage and I sewed up an Imperfect Pleated Pillow.

 To start, you will need roughly 2 yards of fabric in contrasting colors.

Cut them into 3 inch strips (leaving enough fabric to line your pillow). I first cut a half a yard of each, but then had to cut 2 more 3" strips. So if you cut 8 strips of each color you should be safe to cover a pillow that is roughly 17"x17".

 Sew the same color strips into one long strip and then sew the two colors together with right sides facing. (I used a 3/8" seam allowance).

 Press the hem open. Then fold the strips in half with right sides facing outward. 

This step can take awhile but the pleats look better the more you are willing to iron the strips.

Start laying the strips across your pillow and pin the pleats as you go. 

I love this part because like I mentioned above you do not need to worry about your pleats being even or being perfectly aligned. (see PINK PILLOW below for a variation on the pleats)

Once you have laid out all of your pleats you can then go ahead and sew the pleats on row by row, and overlap them to hide the exposed fabric and stitching.

And because I have a thing for pillows and switching them out often, I chose to make the pillow into a pillow slip cover  using the lime fabric on the back.

I loved this pillow so much I made one for my daughters bed (I had a lot of fun mixing up the pleats on this one).

To see the rest of the Pleat Projects, GO HERE.
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