Apostrophy Designs: June 2008

Pink Penguin Grocery Bag


A lot of exciting things have been going on. First, I have a few new products that I have added to my Etsy shop that are exciting!! Second, I am participating in a giveaway tomorrow, Monday June 30 @ Tip Junkie. The giveaway goes for ONE DAY ONLY, so visit my etsy shop, Apostrophy Designs and leave a comment on the post at Tip Junkie telling them which of my products is your favorite...the winner will receive a cute Pink Penguin Grocery Bag pictured above.

I have had a couple people e-mail me and ask when I will start regular posting again, things have been busy but I have a lot of fun pictures that I will share this week. Also, I really enjoy the feedback I'm getting from my blog, so if you guys don't mind I will continue to post Apostrophy stuff here as well.

Local Yocals

Your Heart Out

Today on Your Heart Out, my Birdie Pleated Tote was featured! I have loved this blog and was surprised when my sister-in-law told me I was featured.

Every Friday they feature local things that are made by Utahns and it's amazing to see all the talent that comes from Utah. If you are from Utah this blog is a good one to book mark, if you aren't from Utah go check them out anyway!

Big Fat, Fun Giveaway(s)!

Remember how great the people at Tip Junkie are? Well they are celebrating a birthday this month, and have decided that giving is better than receiving, and are doing a 20-something day giveaway!

I am participating in the giveaway on Monday June 30, and will be giving away a Pink Penguin Reusable Grocery Bag. So check Tip Junkie out starting this Monday, through the end of July for a lot of fun giveaways!!


I am going to be gone all next week...work & girls camp, all things fun! But I will be back shortly and doing some giveaways, posting cool pictures and adding new stuff for my etsy shop!!

P.S. Now that our kitchy is nearing completion, my mind is wandering in the direction of [this is weird] fireplace mantles...[I know weird.] Here's one of my favorites so far...whatcha think?

Happy, Happy Birthday, Birthday To You...


Today is my Mother's 60th Birthday! I get a little teary when I think about how much my mom means to me and what my life would have been like without her. Her strength, courage and capacity to love unconditionally make me only wish to be the kind of mother she is to me.

We went shopping yesterday and she told me that I get my laid-back attitude from my Father, but my creative outlet, I get from her [Not that I couldn't imagine my dad sewing or anything]. Every memory I have of her growing up is behind a sewing machine, she made us everything from costumes to bridesmaid dresses, I even still have one of the Easter dresses she made me.

Even though she hasn't be able to sew the past few years, she crochets beautiful blankets and has made each daughter & daughter-in-law a baby blessing dress. She still has and uses her creative outlet.

Last night she got teary, I thought it was because we had all had the stomach flu this week, but she said "Tori, I don't to be 60..."

"I said don't worry mom, it will be our secret!"

Ooops! I love you Mom, Happy Birthday!

P.S. I would also like to give a shout out to my dad, Steve-o and the other men in my life who are great Men and good examples of great Fathers'. Also, to my Husband/Future Father Donnie [not announcing anything] he's so great with our neices and nephews and even patient with me that I know he'll make a good Dad one day!

I'm a Tip Junkie

...and have been for awhile now! If you are unfamiliar with Tip Junkie, it is a site that is dedicated to finding all the great tips that bloggers are posting about. This week they are doing a Blogtique and I got the opportunity to be one of the features today! I have been reading this blog for awhile now and am very thankful to Tip Junkie for allowing me to be apart of the Blogtique this week!

Go and check out all of the other great tips and people participating in the Blogtique [it goes all week long]. And there are a lot of great items!

Brinlee Joy


My cute niece Brinlee Joy has chosen to be baptized and become of member of the LDS Church tomorrow. I am soo proud of her!

She got her middle name from her Grandmothers, both of which are named Joyce, and is a true JOY in every sense of the word! She let me take some pictures of her for the event and even though she tends to be shy, she's so much fun and such a good example and helper in her family!

[Credits HERE, Font HERE]

The Same Old Song & Dance

I just want to echo my fellow Utahn's out there [minus people in St. George and other southern cities who stink and actually know what summer is by now], by saying what the HECK? It was 37 degrees on my way to work this morning, there is snow in the mountains and it's June 11.


In other news, I don't really have news but I had some pictures that I bloggified awhile ago and I thought I would share them. I babysat for my sister Tami and we had quite the party.


Before I put the twins to bed and I decided to let all 4 kiddos have a dance party while jumping on their parents bed. I even made the bed after, so not to alert the parents to any of the previous happenings. However one of the first things Landon told his mom when she got home was about the dance party. However she wasn't mad (she's a pretty fun mom herself), but our secret was OUT!

**Before anyone gets too angry at me 1) I did not participate in the jumping on the bed, 2) Both Landon and I stayed on our respective edges and did not let anyone fall off the bed, and 3) No one was hurt during the duration of dance party '08.

Three Year Wife Chart

3 years ago, last night, Don was sick to his stomach. Was it the thought of marriage that was getting to him or food from dinner, [which often makes him sick anyway]?

Well as we were talking last night, his mom brought this topic up, I don't think I ever got a straight answer or ever will. And that right there is what Life As Donswife truly is! Almost never getting a straight answer, sarcastic remarks, bits of bread left on plates and in the sink, singing in the shower and many, many more fun times... But I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

I have filled out this wife chart to check my progress to see how I am making it as a wife of three years...



1- Slow coming to bed - Would falling asleep on the couch really count against me?
4- I was banking on Guitar Hero counting for this one.
5- What is wrong with red toe nails? At least they're painted!
12 a - Jealous of Don's other love, G-O-L-F.
12 b - As long as I get to sleep in, so does he!

**So 89 [before Demerits]-24 = 65....SUPERIOR!

All in all we are both still standing and laughing, so we must be doing something right...

Here's a couple of pictures from our wedding:
[I know people always joke about wanting to put their dresses back on after a few years, but does anyone really do that? I've thought about it...]


[CHART found HERE]

...and the winner is...

I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway...I got MOUNDS of good advice, some of which I am actually in the process of pursuing at this very moment...I honestly can't thank everyone enough!! [the response was also more than anticipated]

So it's the least I can do...

I will be offering free shipping from now until June 15 [the flier says June 9, but I changed it early since I will be out of town]. Check back everyday next week for new things!!

And now for the fun stuff...did I ever mention I just L-O-V-E giveaways? [is it weird that I was giddy, just getting things ready for the drawing??]

TEAM CHILTON, wahoo! Send me your mailing address [torijoandersen{at}gmail.com] and I will get the Felt Owl Bag shipped off on Monday!

Congrats and thanks again to everyone for the input! I really loved doing this giveaway and plan on doing more in the future...

Last Day!

Monday is our anniversary and so we are planning on heading out of town tomorrow for the weekend, so I am going to end the giveaway one day early...so tell all your friends to hurry up and enter tonight by 10:00 MST.
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