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Hello Again, Hello


I love, love, love Neil Diamond...It started when I was in 7th grade and we sang and excellent version of On the Robert E Lee and watched a clip of the Jazz Singer where it is sung. A few years later the Jazz Singer became one of my moms 'things' [she can watch the same thing over and over on end] and that's when my feelings for Neil become REAL. Since then, I have never celebrated a July without his wonderful America song. I love you Neil, I hope you enjoy your time on American Idol this week, I know I will!

A clip of my Neil in action...

P.S. I also really enjoy the movie Saving Silverman, if you haven't seen it and you love Neil like I do, then rent it tonight.

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Melanie said...

Uh OK, Neil rocks and I love him. He's going to be at the Hollywood Bowl in October and I am hoping to get Mel out here for that. Why don't we all go?!
You know Neil would love to see us!

Mauri said...

We love Neil too. We went to his concert in Dallas a couple of years ago and had the BEST time. I alsmost died when he sang "Sweet Caroline" and I of course cried when he sang "Coming to America." We were the youngest people at the concert by 30 years...

Amy said...

yahoooooo!!!! I didn't know it was Neil Diamond week on Idol. I can't wait.

he sooo hot.

PetersonFam said...

Tori, what the hell? Are you serious?!! You LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Neil? I mean, I can see you getting a little emotional when you hear the song Coming to America...but, other than that.. holy smokes!!!!! ;) GET A GRIP WOMAN!

The Soffe said...

I will never fault a soul for loving Neil Diamond. I admit I'll be watching American Idol to see all the glory that is Neil. (I hope someone does "Delirious Love".)

The new album comes out May 6th, and like the fantastic "12 Songs", has Rick Rubin producing. Early buzz is good with Neil himself saying, "it was more painful to write this, maybe the most difficult album I've ever written, and maybe my best."

On the tour, Neil provides a nice teaser saying, "we can do things on this stage that we've never dreamed were possible. I can't [give details], because then I'd give it away, and then there's the surprise factor. I want people to come and see it. You have to be there, you have to experience it."

(The above quotes are taken from the Huffingtonpost.com....)

MissLed said...

I think you might be my official new best friend! :)

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