Apostrophy Designs: March 2010

The KING Loves YOU

and so do WE!

Happy 40th Birthday to our TifaDEE!

(P.S. I sure LOVE Elvis, don't you?)

Dear Reno,

Thanks for hosting us as guest during the WAC Tournament...
we felt like MOVIE STARS!

We RELAXED on our way to your city.

We borrowed A SIGN to wave and wore our AGGIE BLUE...

We cheered on our cousin as he 'slapped-hands' with the TEAM!

We wore some more AGGIE BLUE...
(little did I find out a week later, my shirt is black.)

We held our own PEP RALLIES...

We loved SPENDING with Grandma & Grandpa Clark...

We lived, enjoyed and slept throughout FOUR basketball games...

We showed off some of our first PIGGY - TAILS...

We voyaged through the mountain to LAKE TAHOE...

We ATE on the border of Nevada/California...

We made all kinds of friends EVERYWHERE we went!

See ya next time!

Apostrophy & Purse-onality

I have some exciting news, Apostrophy Designs is now being sold at a cute little shop in Gardner Village (West Jordan, Utah) called Purse-onality!!

On our way to Reno we dropped off a bunch of zipper goodies but I still wanted to wait awhile before I announced it to hear how they have done....and it sounds like they are a HIT!

So head on over to this cute little shop called Purse-onality and snatch some up. There are loads of other cute things in this shop like purses, clothes and other darling accessories. Plus it helps that Kamille and Shauna are so much fun!!

P.S. If you have never been to Gardner Village I would highly recommend it, there's so much charm and cute little shops for everyone.

Checking In

Checking in really quick to let you know...

-we are having the time of our lives
-we are shopping our hearts out
-we are warm compared to utah
-we are wearing navy (most everyday)
-the Aggies are winning, which is a great explanation for number 1

I'm Lovin' It

inspiration HERE, HERE & HERE

thanks to awesome sister SALLY!
(you too can have gel glitter toes if you live in Cache Valley, just ask for more info!)

view HERE & HERE

**AND WE'RE OFF to Reno to cheer on them Aggies!! Be back with a pillow tutorial and more pictures and posts...

Lordy, Lordy


Happy Birthday to my brother in law, Chad!!

He's such a character and I feel lucky to have him a part of my family.

He's alwasy good for a laugh, a prank or both!

Here's to FORTY more years old man!

A & G Photography

As you know my talented sister in law has been photographing my little bergs from the beginning.

Remember how cute they have all been?

So of course we had her take some of Bergs for her birthday! Here's a sneak peek, I'll show some more later...

But I wanted to let you know that my sister in law, Ashley, has launched her photography website and it is awesome!

Along with the launch she giving some stuff away on her blog...

Go check out her website and enter the giveaway on her blog, it's worth it!

P.S. Being ONE is awesome!
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