Apostrophy Designs: May 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we decided it was time (with weather cooperation *fingers crossed* dang UTAH WEATHER SO FAR) to get out the bike trailer.

Bergs was not really sure what to think about the experience...at first...

But it did not take to long for her to sit back and kick her feet up.
(She even learned how to work the little bike bell on the inside!)

We live a few blocks, downhill, from the cemetery and we always try ride our bikes up there during the weekend to deliver our flowers and just enjoy the beauty of the cemetery...

There were so many people there delivering, watering, and caring for flowers left at the graves...
I can't help but think of all who have lived before us, and the great people they are!

I can't wait to share some of their stories with Bergs as she gets older...

We had a really good weekend, how about you?

Tutorial Tuesday: Bandit Bib

I helped whip up some of these cute Bandit Bibs for Enrichment or our Relief Society Meeting last month and I absolutely loved making them!

(I got the idea of them from my old partner in crime, Paige, before they moved out of our ward...sigh.)

Not only are they perfect for the little bandit in your life, but I made a dozen in about an hour, so they are definitely a project that can be completed during nap time!

 You can find bandana's at any dollar store or as luck would have it we scored big because they were half of at Hobby Lobby...remember to grab a wash cloth too, I used a smaller one.

 I wish I would've ironed the bandana, would've made for a straight line but in the end straightness doesn't matter, so iron, don't iron it's up to you!

If you don't have a serger you can do a folded hem or simple zig zag in place of serging

 I should note that any of the sewing for this I did with a zig zag, width: 3 length: 2 1/2 but I would do whatever stitch you feel comfortable with.

 I did my sewing 1/4 inch and zig zagged again, I think this will help when washing because washcloths have a bit of a stretch to them.

When your done, clip your threads and place finished product on your closest bandit!

Aren't they fun?

I should mention I feel a tad bit sheepish, this was also posted by another crafty lady from my ward...Delia...she has a craft blog that is amazing! I am dying to check out her tutorial on canvas'!

Hey, Soul Sista

We had a good weekend...

Bugs finally realized there's a new guy in town, and didn't mind his company one bit!

 However, she didn't like the hugs from Haiden (which is something new too!)

 She loves to "CHEESE" for the camera, and truth be told I could take bazillion pictures of her!

Got to babysit this guy and he fell asleep on my chest...it was really sweet!

As usually weekends go by way to fast, back to the grind!

Stay tuned for Tuesday where I have a fun tutorial for you....

Good, Clean Fun

We hope your weekend is filled with some good, clean fun!

My plans for the weekend changed in lieu of the weather, but I'm looking forward to an "open" day!

Also, my blog...

I took a week off from crazy zipper making with two goals in mind, do some machine sewing & work on the blog.

While I finished most of what I wanted to get done sewing wise (pictures coming soon), my blog is still a work in progress.

So come on over take a look around and let me know what you think!

I Like it A Lot!

My niece Brookie B (one of two Brooklyn's in the family) has the most luscious, long hair.

One day many years ago I attempted to braid her hair, and have been doing braids on her ever since.

Its kinda become our thing, whenever we are together a braid just happens.

Like the other day we were at the park and she sat in front of me and away my hands went. (Top picture)

I am not a braid-ing expert but I do have some fun tips and possible tutorials to share...

Only if she'll sit long enough for me to take photos!

I only dream of the day when Berg's hair is long enough to braid....hmm...

You're My Best Friend...

I think this goes without saying, but I am going to say it anyways...

When I had Bergen I had no idea of the love that would accompany such a tiny person.

I mean as parents, we love her immensely but everyone seems attached to her...

and vise virsa, she sure loves kids!

I am just lucky to have such a close family.

Here's some picture proof:

Bella is one of the first names Bergs learned other than Mom & Dad.

Brookie always carries Bergs around on her hip as if she were the mom!

Silly, silly girls.

Haiden practically mauls Bergs and gets toys for her before she knows she wants them.

There are many more people who love her, what can I say she is just one cute BUG!

Under Construction...

I am trying to fuse the two things I love together...my family and crafting and in the process I will be combining both of my blogs, let's face it sometimes one blog is enough!

So in the meantime bear with me as I update and swap around my blog...

Until I have======== s=omethi=ng more concret ==o sh=ow yo=u (+thanks for the help bergs=}!+)}

I will leave you with some things I am totally digging right now:

This diaper bag in PURPLE from the JJ Cole SALE

All kinds of cute stuff for SALE at the HIVE Boutique...Remember?
If you are around tomorrow during the day I would definitely head over for loads of cute spring stuff!

I have some of those big flowers coming my way! Hooray!

Date Night, Jazz Style

We were lucky enough to score some last minute tickets to the Jazz game last night.

Even though they lost, the seats were awesome and it was just Adam and I!

Of course we talked a lot about Bergen, because we love her like that...

But it was fun to not have to carry a diaper bag or wrestle a baby through the whole game.

Adam was just grateful I didn't act like THIS again.

**I may not be the biggest Jazz fan, but I am definetely a root for ANY TEAM but the LAKERS fan!

(Thanks Scott!)

Mother, I Love You

Today while trying to snap so quick pictures of Berg-a-loo, I realized we have a lot in common, one thing being...we both HATE grass!

I don't like to sit on it, I hate the way it feels, and it gives me allergies...

More so it got me thinking on this Mother's Day how I much admire my own mother in so many way, I wish I could tell you of all of her strengths and accomplishments.

Her abilities may be limited but there is one thing I know I can count on and that she would go to any length to do anything for me and my family.

And that is one thing I hope I can have in common with her, especially as I am figuring this whole mothering thing out.

I am thankful for the women in my life who are constantly helping become a better daughter, friend, mother, wife and person!

I couldn't find of picture of me and my mother, she's a beauty.

But I did find all of these lovelies of me and Bergs!

Maybe I will make my mom take one with me tomorrow...

(Dad & Mom, my wedding 2005)

Apostrophy @ The Hive (No. 2)

I have be MIA, I know...but I have some pretty darn good excuses.

--The Bergs has been pretty sick, so we have not been getting much sleep around here.

--When one of us does sleep the other is busy crafting away for Melissa's fabulous "The Hive" Boutique coming up next Thursday & Friday.

**I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be apart of this boutique. Everything is so cute and Melissa is a lot of fun! If you are in the Mt. Green/Ogden area you should definetely head over, also check out the Hollyhocks & Honeybees blog for more info on vendors and a giveaway! :)

**Stay tuned for more exciting Apostrophy news...
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