Apostrophy Designs: FEEL-ing Crafty?

FEEL-ing Crafty?

I took my last final yesterday and now I am officially D-U-N with college, crazy eh? And since then I have been feeling crafty, I think I may even treat myself and go FEEL the fabric at the fabric store today...sounds nice.

Also, I just signed up for an Apron Swap and it sounds fun. [Don't really wear aprons, but with a cute one, maybe I will] I really enjoyed the last swap I did, mostly it's fun to get a cute something in the mail [other then bills or credit card offers].

If anyone wants to sign-up for it go HERE before May 5th.


P.S. If you a nervous about making an apron I found some easy tutorials HERE & HERE.


Leslie said...

Congrats on being done! For some reason I AM feeling a bit crafty and I am already in the process of making my own apron.. This was BEFORE I even read your post... doo do do do (twilight zone music) so you're totally in my mind.

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