Apostrophy Designs: A Little Personal...

A Little Personal...


FOR SALE, 2 cars:

VW Passat & Mazda 626 - fully loaded with jerky motions, bald tires,
continuous beeping, a tape deck, a trunk that doesn't shut, a missing seat belt
and a flat tire.

*If you are in need of an adventure or are dying to borrow your
parent's car for a week, these are the cars for you!

[Just don't leave home without your cell phone!]


Leslie! said...

Hey I have a VW too.. Tyler always makes fun of me because my check engine light has been on for years for no reason... all new parts that "break" I must get from a volkswagon dealership.. my electronic lock system is broken and now the leather smells funny because of the melted snow that gets inside. Wanna trade?!

P.S. Did I mention the spare key is mysteriously lost underneath the abyss of one of Magic Mountains many coasters? ;)

Adrienne said...

Jash just said he'll buy them. both of them. but only if they come as a combo deal-you know, 2 for 1.

jill & fam said...

Wow pretty temping, but you know what we've had our share of fabulous cars and I'm done with them. Believe me I feel your pain though. Good luck with the selling.

jordan said...

wow, i thought we were the only ones with car troubles every month and a sick feeling every time we left home for a long drive. i guess we're not alone!

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