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Last night I went to enrichment with my good friend Cambria. We had a lot of fun; my ward goes all out every month with a dinner and crafts! I signed us up for a scrapbooking craft because I am not a scrapbooker but yet find myself clinging to the hope that I could be good at it. I’m not!! It was really time consuming, and I finished at turtle speed. I was inking and gluing (modge podge) the night away. Here's the finished product, I couldn't figure where to put it or what to put along with it so here's my 3 arrangements.
**We also went a got ice cream with all of my girl friends, which was really fun and full of laughter, I only wish I would've taken a picture of us!
Here's what else I've been up to, I am mad at myself for not having the time to finish. I told Don the other night I just want to quit school so I can watch TV and sew. Then I finally got some sleep and reality kicked back in...anywho...You guessed it, it's a diaper bag. I have no experience with diaperbags personally but I think it turned out pretty cute. When finished I will pass it on to my sister Tami and let her try it out. If there is anyone who could give this bag a run for it's money it's Tami and her two active babies. We'll see if it can stand the test of time...in the mean time, doesn't it look great with our blue carpet?


Katie said...

Everything you made is so cute! I want to come to your enrichments! They won't let us do crafts- so lame.

Adrienne said...

I thought I was coming with you!!! I totally forgot! Looks like so much fun! I call the next one! :) Also, if that diaper bag stands the test of the twins let me know and I will hire you to make me one! Please, oh pretty please?!!?

Amy said...

it is all so adorable. so cute and fun and fallish and I am jealous. so very jealous. AND your diaper bag is so cute. you need to sell those bad boys.... seriously!!!!

love your cute new decors on your cute black table!!!

love your secret admirer,
zac efron (I have no idea why it says "amy" at the top"

Megan said...

So cute!!!! When you figure out a way to stay home and sew all day, let me in on the secret because I have a pile of crafts I'm dying to get to but never have time after work.

Tori said...

**ahhhh Zac!

**Ade I will make you a diaper bag but we should got pick out fabric sometime.

**Our ward goes all out everytime they do enrichment, poor ladies in charge I don't know how they do it!

**Meg deal!! But I don't think that it will happen anytime soon!

jill said...

i love your stuff and you did such a good job! our ward only does crafts once a year and guess who's in charge? it's never any fun for me because i made the displays...lame!

i love the diaper bag, have no use for one, but would love a purse! i'm sure tam will enjoy it.

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