Apostrophy Designs: Zipper Flower Bangle Mini's

Zipper Flower Bangle Mini's

Oh Man!

 Remember how I told you I had something exciting to tell you and then I left you hanging for a week?

Well I am excited to say that the Zipper Flower Bangles now come in mini's!

 And they are sure to please any little lady of any size and they will come in all colors!

More pictures to come!

P.S. and when I say ALL ages I even mean tiny, tiny babies!


Adrienne Hansen said...

We need a better picture of Brooklyn with hers on so you can show that they are DARLING on tiny tiny babies. Real babies. ;)

Mauri said...

...and i thought you were pregnant all this time ;) actually i am pretty sure my little one needs one (or several) of these...so cute!

Delia said...

Oh! How I wish I had a girl. That is SO dang cute!

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