Apostrophy Designs: The Shirt-to-Knot Skirt Tutorial

The Shirt-to-Knot Skirt Tutorial

This is the typical Berg-face when I am sewing and taking pictures at the same time.

She usually pipes in with "cheeese mom, CHEESE!'

Which cracks me up and I usually get side-tracked.

One of my favorite things I made for Bergen lately is this little girl shirt-to-knot-skirt tutorial I found via Be Different...Act Normal.

It was very simple and turned out so cute, I can hardly stand it!

Here are some pictures I took while making it, but for the check out Simply Modern Mom for the full tutorial.

Bergs loves to dance in her new skirt!

I feel like I need to add something to the white shirt to complete the look, what do you think?

Any ideas?


Delia said...

Adorable Tori! What a cute skirt. I would leave it plain and put a gray cardigan on top and add pink jersey knit rosettes to that....just my opinion. :)

Megan said...

you could but a B on the shirt in some fun pink print.

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