Apostrophy Designs: Up Where They Walk (The Pumpkins That is...)

Up Where They Walk (The Pumpkins That is...)

We went to the pumpkin walk last Friday night.

It was super cute and not too cold!

I'm glad we went last week because today Northern Utah got hit with SNOW! eek!

Bergs really loves pumpkins and kept pointing them out every 5 seconds... Pummmkin!

Cute Daddy/Bergs photo op...

Ariel and I have a lot in common ... well ok not really I can't sing nor do I have her luscious hair...

I'm also pulling a really sick face, which I apologize heavily for...

Speaking of sick, I found this masterpiece last night:

It's our first pumpkins we painted when we were dating...

Adam literally his pumpkin from a guy's picture on the front page of the newspaper and mine is frankenstein. 

Tender, don't you think? ha ha jk!


Delia said...

What a cute picture of you guys. :) Awww.

And...you totally went on the best day. We have been wanting to go but it is so cold now!

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