Apostrophy Designs: Oh, Happy Day!

Oh, Happy Day!

It's Friday Yahoo! So many fun things to be excited about...

First, make some cookie dough and FREEZE it over night, so you can make some of THESE DELICIOUS TREATS! (yum! yum!)

Also I will be doing a BOUTIQUE at a gorgeous HIGHMARK HOME in Nibley, come stop by and get started on your Christmas shopping!

Lastly, we have visitors coming, crafting to do, and some Birthday's to celebrate, so WE ARE GONNA HAVE A REAL GOOD TIME (I GOT A FEELIN'.)

Have a great weekend!


Adrienne Hansen said...

Did you try these cupcakes when I made them? I can't remember? I did them 2 weeks ago and twice in one week. They are SO yummy!!! And lots of butter too. Haha! When they come out you might panic about the grease. Don't though. It dries up. ;) Now I want to make me some.

I'm going to try to hit up the boutique. love me a good boutique. Speaking of...went to Violet Hill today. ∫ought one of your new bracelets. They are DARLING!

Delia said...

Oh my...those cupcakes look amazing!

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