Apostrophy Designs: Poodle Skirt Round-UP

Poodle Skirt Round-UP

Last year I helped my nieces become a BEAUTIFUL BEE & LADY BUG...

This year they wanted POODLE SKIRTS for HALLOWEEN, and since today is the first day of their UEA break, we went to town...

And because everything is cuter in miniature versions, I made one for Bergs as well...

It was pretty simple and took us less than two hours to make four skirts (two for BIG GIRLS and two for BABY GIRLS)

I was going to take some pictures of the process but I was having too much fun...so here's a break down to help you if you are looking to make a poodle skirt...

Circle Skirt HERE
and HERE

Poodle HERE

Scarf is a strip of CHIFFON

All of the skirts were made for less than 10 dollars....makes for one great costume!
(Felt is on a killer sale at Jo-Ann's in TONS of colors.)

Bergs costume is still in the works, I will give you a sneak peek until I am done.

I have been watching Project Runway too much and decided to make it from scratch...WISH ME LUCK!


Delia said...

Oh you will do great! Looks so cute so far. You can't beat the savings either! For some reason it didn't connect in my brain that poodle skirts are circle skirts! A ha! I love that they all match.

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Those skirts are so cute. I love the picture of Bergs & Bella. :)

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