Apostrophy Designs: Week of Break

Week of Break

Many times throughout the course of this last year I feel like I am running on crazy...

It's funny to say but I feel like I spend an enormous amount of my energy into my little shop.

I've loved every minute of it, so don't get me wrong...but there are a lot of things on my fun-crafty-sew check-ity check list that are in need of being crossed off.

So I'm official taking a break this week and hopefully I'll be showing off some of my fun projects!

Today for example...

I made a bunch of party favors for Super Saturday (an all day crafting event for my church).

They are the idea of a lady in my ward...little brooms filled with candy to go along with our theme of "If the Broom Fits"!

I couldn't be more stoked, this got me in the mood for Halloween.

And later on...

I organized the heck out of my fabric.

This project has been something I've been avoiding for soo long because how do you know where to start?

Well I sorted my fabrics by scraps, less than a yard, and more than a yard and piled them on shelves, bins, and baskets. (color sorting all the while!)

It's still a work in progress... but it is a great reminder to me of my fabric options for some upcoming projects!

I will show you pictures of my closet when it's all organized...I just need to coax Don into building me a shelf and we will be golden!

And last but not least, another testament of the love that Bergs receives on a daily basis.

She's like a Queen really.

I put her in the high chair and my nieces and nephews bring her toys (I made the pancake) like gifts and even steal a few kisses here and there.

All hail Queen Bergs!


Adrienne Hansen said...

Hahaha! Oh BERGS! You are a Queen for sure! Look at all those toys! I would have given her one too. And 10 kisses at least. I love her so much! And look at your fabric! All of it! I envy your fabric. It's all so cute. You are much too creative. I hate you. But I don't really. I love you and wish I were as creative as you. :)

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