Apostrophy Designs: Rico's Shirt Dress

Rico's Shirt Dress

I am DYE-ING, I have lots to post, but our darn Internet has been chewed up by squirrels!

Wish I was joking...ha ha.

But I am hijacking a neighbors Internet connection this morning to quickly write this post and show you what I came up with for the So Sew Challenge.

The theme was ORANGE.

I used an old men's shirt (that happened to be our uncle Rico's) to make Bergs another version of the shirt dress:

More pictures about it to come soon, I was working with yet another uncooperative model this morning...haha!

Happy Halloween, hopefully I can post our pictures next week?!


Delia said...

It is so cute! Your line really got chewed up by squirrels? Yuck. Bergen is adorable as always...sorry she wasn't cooperating. I know that story too well. :)

Adrienne Hansen said...

Love that Rico had this color of shirt! I love it on the Bergs!

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