Apostrophy Designs: The Circus, Circus Purse

The Circus, Circus Purse

As you maybe remember I have been participating in the So Sew Challenges.

This weeks theme word was circus.

We have been watching a lot of Dumbo lately and Bergs is really into purses so I combined both of them, making one fabulous CIRCUS CIRCUS PURSE!

I had some really cute felt (I'm a lover of it lately) and so I just drew up a quick pattern and top stitched everything...seriously, it was quick and fun!

I should've been better at a play-by-play but if anyone is really interested I will put together a pattern.

Did I mention the inside pocket and snap?

(She's really looking for her fruit snacks, it's how you bribe your child to take cute photos)

 See ya, we gots some shopping to do!


Delia said...

So cute Tori! I am going to have to check out that challenge. What fun themes.

Melissa said...

SO adorable!! I'm loving it!

Amelia said...

Hello, I just wandered here from Cjane's blog & I had to say that this purse is so cute! Nice job!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Would it be horrible if I made a bigger one for me?? Two of my favorites: elephants and polka dots. So stinkin' cute.

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