Apostrophy Designs: TEN.10.'ten


Ten things on TEN.10.'ten (thanks for the idea, Melissa!)

1. BERG-A-LOU -- and the new things she learns everyday - for ex. she just held my phone up to her eyes and told Don to say "cheese"!

2. DON-A-THAN -- and for the dorky things we can do together but still act like we are cool.

3. FAM-I-LEEE -- we have such a great family and have often been referred to as a well-oiled machine and I wouldn't have anything, any other way!

4. HOME-SWEET-HOME -- we live in such a great location, neighborhood, ward ect. we also have a great renter (we need to get the others in on this) who was willing to help set up tables in exchange for cookies. That's cheap labor!

5. WORK-A-REE -- we BOTH have fabulous jobs that are pretty flexible with our lives. 

6. HOBBIES-GALORE -- this last year having my shoppe has been a lot of fun and kept me going creativity-ly speaking. In more exciting news someone told me that all my crafty ambitions and memories come back after my kids grow up?! I feel I slipped a bit after having Bergs...

7. FRIEND-LIES -- i can't tell you on a weekly basis how many sweet comments, e-mails, texts, and phone calls I get from so many sweet people. And it's always amazing to me how they come at the right moments!

8. MY-FAITH -- I am a proud member of the Mormon Church (Church of Latter-day Saints) and love the dear prophet President Monson! I love his jokes and the sweet tender way he talks about his wife and the Gospel.

9. IN-TER-NET -- I love technology...forever and always...

10. MISS B -- it's my nieces birthday today and though we don't see her that often I just love her to pieces! And how perfect would it be to have your birthday on 10.10.10??!!

P.S. Don't you love the yellow skirt, my SIL Jill made? I think it's too cute! Happy Birthday Miss B!


Delia said...

What a fun list. I totally didn't realize it was 10.10.10 until today...too late! :)

I do love that skirt. If I was more like 17 instead of almost 27 I would want one for me! :)

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