Apostrophy Designs: So This is the New Year...

So This is the New Year...

Well I thought it would be fun to make my last post of the year, and say my favorite saying, "Seee ya next year!!" [So juvenile, I know] I can't quite figure out where the year has gone, only to know that it is in fact GONE! 

Do I have any regrets? Ya sure... mostly about the fact that we failed our 2007 resolution... 7 Vacations in the year 2007, we did 5... so close, boo.
Any resolutions for this forth coming year? Ya sure... 8 children in 2008, sike! But that would be quite the accomplishment and it might help me get over the 2007 resolution failure. 

In all reality I love this time of year because it helps me realize not only my failures but also the wonderful things that have happened in my life, I am truly blessed. My goal for 2008 to be more humble in realizing the blessing in my everyday life.

[Sorry to go all cheesy, but there is one cheesy post on every blog, and this is mine!]

P.S. Top albums of the year....

10- Biffy Clyro
9- P.S. I Love You (Soundtrack)
8- Avett Brothers
7- James Morrison
6- Tegan & Sara
5- Sara Bareilles
4- New Pornographers
3- The Editors
2- Bloc Party
1- The National


MissLed said...

Happy New Year Tori! Yes, we do NEED to go to concerts soon. I think the next one I'm planning on is the Editors. Are you going to be there?

By the way...your blog is adorable. I'm so impressed with all of your digital scrapbooking. I need lessons from you!

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