Apostrophy Designs: This is the Final Countdown...Black Friday!

This is the Final Countdown...Black Friday!

A week from today is Black Friday, I don't know why I participate in such things, I don't have children and I hardly ever buy anything...but something draws me there. I am pretty sure it is the crazy-ness that comes out of people, they are truly at their worst when it comes to the day-after Thanksgiving shopping, especially the old ladies at Jo-Anns and I love it!! See ya there!


Amy said...

I know -- I love it too. The madness is ENTHRALLING!!!

MissLed said...

I'm a big fan as well! I have seen grown women almost throw punches over $15 cd players! It's AWESOME!

Melanie said...

I have vowed never to shop on this blackest of days, but I may have to break it this year for a screamin' deal on a new fridge. I'm nervous already!

Megan said...

I love the day after Thanksgiving! One year I waited in line at Fred Meyer starting at 4am. This really mean lady yelled at me for no apparent reason, and all I came out with were a pack of socks and a cd. It was awesome!

Michael tries to tell me it's not worth it. I remind him that it's not about saving money, it's about the experience.

Oh, and Jordan almost punched a lady at Michael's last year! I've never been there for the sale but I hear the ladies are mean!

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