Apostrophy Designs: High School Musical [The Ice Tour]

High School Musical [The Ice Tour]

On Saturday I "Bop Bop Bop-ed, Up to the Top" and "Got My Head in the Game" with my family at the High School Musical [The Ice Tour] in Salt Lake City. Am I embarrassed? Not in the least! Would I do it again? Without hesitation...It was awesome!


jill & fam said...

i would go again too! we had so much fun. this was probably my favorite disney on ice. the kids loved it! thanks for a good time and i loooove your hair!

TamiJenson said...

you only had a great time because I was your date and bought you dinner!!! J/K It was the cheese fries. No it was AWESOME. Kole loves his flashing cup.

Tori said...

Oh yeah, oh yeah...!

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